Ma King Kee Diazo Printing & Co. Ltd.

Enhanced Quality of Digital Printing Brings Endless Opportunities


“The Iridesse™ Production Press enables printing houses to produce printed materials of similar quality as those of silkscreen printing for their customers.”

– William Ho, Director of Ma King Kee Diazo Printing & Co. Ltd.



Established in 1950, Ma King Kee Diazo Printing & Co. Ltd. (Ma King Kee) is a distinguished local market leader in high-quality digital printing services. Currently, the company has 10 branches in Hong Kong and Macau, with its own transportation fleet and delivery teams. The company has a diverse client portfolio covering a wide range of industries, including architecture, law and accounting.



More than 30 years ago, when analog printing technology still dominated the market, Ma King Kee was among the first to collaborate with Xerox (Hong Kong) introducing cutting-edge digital printing technologies and services to its business. William Ho, the company’s director said the company successfully transformed its business from ‘blue print’ printing and photocopying to commercial and production-type digital printing in 1995. However, Ma King Kee has continued to introduce the latest printing technologies for better output to meet rising demand for high-quality output and service requirements.


To meet the needs of customers, Ma King Kee introduced a total of six flagship grade production printing systems (Iridesse™ Production Press) from FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong in 2018, installing them in several stores. Two of the stores are located in the financial districts ofCentral to meet the huge demand for printing services in the region.

Iridesse™ has six-color single-print Xerography,allowing users to select two of the four-color options of gold, silver, transparent and white, to match with the 4-color (CMYK) output. This delivers a metallic Pantone color effect withperfect image quality. Mr. Ho agrees that the  Iridesse™ Production Press is a revolutionary product in the digital printing market, enabling printing houses to produce printed materials of similar quality as those of silkscreen printing for customers.

Thanks to the technical features of digital printing, Ma King Kee has greatly improved its efficiency and relationship with customers. The lead time of color proof and output has been significantly shortened. Designed with environmental protection in mind, digital printing has taken output quality to the next level, providing designers with better choices and setting a new milestone for the industry. Mr. Ho concludes that Ma King Kee has been working closely with FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong and regularly exchanges views and feedback on product functions and operations as well as software updates, with a common goal of better serving the design and printing industry.