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Banking & Financial Services



Streamlining the consumer lending processes

We understand that the speed of approving and offering loans is a critical element in winning business. While customers demand a quick turnaround, we appreciate the absolute necessity of adhering to strict industry audit and compliance requirements.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation transforms inefficient and costly back-end loans review, audit and approval processes into streamlined, electronic loan processing services.

Our services eliminate inefficient manual processes, like data entry. Our automated approval workflows improve your capacity to process loan documents without increasing your staff numbers. At the same time, process visibility is increased, and regulatory lending compliance is safeguarded.

Our loan processing services include:

Multichannel capture - loan applications are classified automatically, however they’re submitted (fax, email or post).
Data extraction and transformation – our highly accurate and intelligent optical capture recognition (OCR) eliminates manual keying.
Dynamic Case Management - smart application processing adapts itself to each application (e.g. type of loan, the SLA, stage in the review and approval process, etc.).
Analytics and audit controls – provide your team leaders and managers with complete lending process visibility.
Speed up and simplify loan processing

Our solution reduces your costs while keeping your customer service levels high, helping you to limit your exposure and streamline your operations. Our goal is to improve your customer’s mortgage experience and differentiate you from other lenders.

Our integrated end-to-end information capture, content management and digital signing solution streamlines your mortgage processing workflow. The data we extract automatically enters your line-of-business applications and 3rd-party document composition solution, without the need for manual intervention.

Our mortgage processing solution provides:

·Document capture and classification - of both home loan origination and customer statements
·An Enterprise Content Management platform (DocuShare) – providing:
document retention, retrieval and disposal
internal review and approval workflows
secure access control
solicitor portal (developed on DocuShare) for document collaboration
digital signing (Secure Signing) for customers and solicitors
Improve staff productivity and customer service

The quicker your incoming information is organised and processed, the better your customers are served.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s outsourced mail management services streamline the movement of daily inbound communications (post and email) directly into your electronic workflow queues.

We collect, sort, process, extract data from and index your incoming mail, faxes, email and attachments, before your business opens. Your staff are productive from the moment they arrive at their desks.

Every business day, FUJIFILM Business Innovation consistently achieves 99.9% data accuracy, and 99.8% on-time delivery of mail processing.
Support customers with self-service functionality

Enhance your customer experience and reduce the pressure on your contact centre staff with more self-service functionality on your online banking portal. Allow customers to search for, access and retrieve historical account information, transaction details and statements from the previous seven years.

Support carbon-neutral initiatives by providing your customers with paperless online statement options. Customer statements are automatically archived and people who elect to receive online statements are notified that their document is available for online viewing.

With our sophisticated archiving solutions, mirrored backup, and powerful scalable software, even the heaviest levels of customer demand are supported and secure.
Print management services improve document security.

Do you want to reduce print costs and print device numbers while still serving the same number of staff? FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s print management services improve document security, reduce paper wastage and support your sustainability and environmental policies.

For example, our Follow Me print functionality requires authentication on every job before releasing the printing. The system automatically tracks the user, and it works whether the print request comes via your network or a mobile device,

Our extensive reporting details print volumes, downtime and support response times. You can maintain ongoing objectives such as cost efficiency, minimal downtime, improved performance and reduced wastage.

Because the FUJIFILM Business Innovation device-user interface is consistent and standardised, your staff can walk into any branch and use the equipment without hesitation. And our DocuCare service guarantees that your devices always have toner, paper, and are fully functional.
Cost-effective and innovative marketing

You can improve engagement with customers, enrich the customer’s experience, and promote your brand with a cost-effective marketing channel.

Research suggests statements are opened and read in more than 95 per cent of cases, making them an ideal vehicle to boost customer loyalty and retention.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Whitespace management is a cutting-edge, market-leading solution. It communicates offers and benefits to customers through visually engaging and targeted marketing messages in the blank space on statements.

By embracing Transactional Relationship Marketing™ strategies, statements transform into relevant, informative and personalised documents, driven by our insights into customer’s spending behaviours.

Backed by a web-based interface that facilitates day-to-day interactions, our solution supports end-to-end image submission, and review and approval process. In addition, business rules and targeting criteria are also managed through the interface, promoting flexibility and timeliness by allowing marketers to dynamically make changes at short notice.