Insurance is a truly customer-centric industry where meeting business goals is a constant, ever-moving target.

From data to documents to customer care, our services optimise workflows and focus your team on their core competencies. We constantly improve and adapt technologies and processes to help you build enduring relationships with your customers. Highly targeted and effective communication not only ensures compliance, it reducing the cost of servicing customers and enhances your brand value.

Our services focus on improving your customers’ engagement experience so that every touch point counts. We transform and streamline your day-to-day business operations, and optimise your greatest asset - your workforce.
Up to 80% of new policy applications are missing some key information necessary for the underwriting process. These oversights lead to customer frustration, and create unnecessary work and delays for insurers.

Manually entering data from handwritten applications, PDFs and jpegs can cause a bottleneck in the policy approval process. Add in visually assessing forms for completeness and accuracy (and reverting to advisors to follow up), and the underwriting process can take up to a week – an eternity in a highly competitive customer-centric industry. This is why FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s application services streamline the initial processing of insurance application forms submitted by your new and existing clients.

Our processing service scans hand-completed paper forms and PDFs, then accurately extracts data from these often complex, multi-field, multi-page documents. There’s no manual keying, and omitted or incomplete data is automatically detected and highlighted for follow-up or correction. Your customers’ application information enters your underwriting solution within hours instead of days. Stringent security measures are implemented throughout the entire process to ensure that the confidentiality of the extracted data is protected at all times.

The information captured through the FUJIFILM Business Innovation service is presented to your Underwriters as a consolidated view, making the decision-making process faster.

Our application processing service transforms a week-long approval process to 48-hours. The rapid turnaround makes it easier for agents to bring in new business and grow your revenue, without the need to add internal resources.

The high level of accuracy and hands-off process means you can reassign employees to other jobs and tasks, and both applicants and advisers are delighted with the quick response time.
The FUJIFILM Business Innovation inbound claims process service is designed to remove the costs and inefficiencies of labour-intensive manual processing. By speeding up the distribution of claims to data processors and reducing claim processing errors, we significantly cut down the time involved in reworking claims.

Cutting the overall time it takes to receive, review and process insurance claims reduces your internal manual processing costs, and increases the level of satisfaction delivered to your customers.

Inbound customer claims are opened, sorted, prepared and scanned before being categorised according to your specific business rules. The collected data is transmitted securely via a dedicated communication line for final claim processing. Copies of all claims, metadata and workflow history are stored digitally for up to 7 years and can be easily searched and accessed.

The result is a significant improvement in customer service quality and claims processing. The error rate is reduced to near zero, claims are directed to the right claim processor with the right skill levels, and audit requirements are met more easily.
The quicker your incoming physical and electronic information is organised and processed, the better your customers are served.

Dedicated to providing both customers and advisors with a great user experience – and fast turnaround, FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s outsourced mail management services stream your daily inbound communications directly into your electronic workflow queues.

We collect, sort, process, extract data from and index your incoming mail, faxes, email and attachments, all before your staff start work. From policy applications to change of address notifications, each piece of mail and email is indexed and categorised before being released into your workflow as images and metadata. So, internal productivity goes up, and customer response time goes down.

Every business day, FUJIFILM Business Innovation achieve 99.9% data accuracy, and 99.8% on-time delivery of mail processing. Our service is endlessly scalable, so there’s no need to increase your staff levels to support the growth in your business.
An individual approach to customer marketing

In the insurance sector, the ability to personalise outbound communications to drive customer loyalty and support your brand is essential.

Our technology reduces the time it takes to design, produce and execute communications, which means you get key messages to the market, faster – and at a lower cost.

Communications are personalised based on each customer’s unique profile and needs, and delivered via the right channel at the right time.

Our service helps increase longevity and loyalty by creating highly relevant, targeted and personalised communications at every stage of your customer’s lifecycle. You can implement low-cost, efficient and integrated marketing campaigns to remind your customers why they choose to trust and rely on your brand. You can also maximise up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to existing, inactive or dormant customers.

As an additional service, we can redesign your document collateral to enhance your brand. And our multi-channel platform lets your customers choose how they want to communicate (by mail, email or SMS), reducing your processing and postage costs.
Supporting mandatory obligations

One of an insurer’s legal responsibilities is to store all claims, metadata and workflow history for up to 7 years.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s DocuShare content management solution securely stores and archives every digital image of your scanned claim forms. You can search for records directly using a web-based browser from within other core business solutions. And when required, your customer records are located and retrieved in a matter of seconds.