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The FUJIFILM Business Innovation New Zealand Outsourced Business Services portfolio represents the best document management processes available – internationally and locally.

Our global experience and knowledge, coupled with our strong local presence and expertise, enable us to drive increased utilisation of services, improve customer satisfaction levels and deliver best practice efficiencies to our customers.

Why partner with FUJIFILM Business Innovation Outsourced Services team?

We have operated in New Zealand for over 50 years. Today, we provide enterprise solutions and services to many of the country’s largest organisations.

We review operations across the US, UK and Asia Pacific regions to deliver the best practices in New Zealand.

We supply business communications services to more organisations across the Asia Pacific region than ever before. We focus on providing our clients with ways to manage communications and costs, efficiently and effectively. Leveraging our advanced IT data management capacity, we can streamline your operations. By automating work processes and linking digital printing devices and work flow systems together, we give you higher efficiency and reduce your costs. As the region’s largest multi-channel service provider, we deliver the most comprehensive suite of electronic channels in the market, backed by proven adoption strategies to enhance your future.

Partner with us in confidence, and let your own digital transformation begin.

Contact us today for a discussion on how we can partner with your organisation.


We save you time and unnecessary expense by inserting your paper and electronic documents directly into your workflow. And then we make finding them again a breeze.

Use our Imaging and Document Management Services to streamline your document workflow, and manage your business processes more profitably. We provide everything from sophisticated scanning and conversion through to electronic management and storage. All of your incoming data, regardless of format, is accurately captured, validated and integrated directly into your existing business system data. Fingertip browsing technology makes the process of locating incoming information again fast and simple.


Increased business efficiency
Reduced costs, increased profits
Improved accuracy
Accelerated processes
Automate your accounts payable systems to reduce the expense, inaccuracies and inefficiencies of manual processes. Your AP staff be happier, and so will your vendors and company accountants.

Our OptimiseAP service captures all your suppliers' incoming documents, whether they are in paper, email, fax or electronic format. Our automated system validates and matches orders and invoices before uploading them into your finance system. User access for authorisation and exceptions management is available through a simple and secure web portal, accessible via any browser, and a full audit trail is maintained. Minimising manual processing frees up AP staff to focus on higher value activities. OptimiseAP is economical and highly efficient with as few as four full-time AP staff.


Improved flow-through rates in excess of 50%
Up to 50% savings in AP processing costs
Up to 70% reduction in staffing and operational costs
Maximised early payment discounts and reduced late payment fees
Enhanced control and visibility of cash flow
Improved vendor relationships
Compliance and legal benefits
Paper-free environment
Reduced error rate, no lost documents
End-to-end process visibility
No upfront investment in infrastructure or software
With our three strategically located Value Innovation Centres (VICs) - you’re covered. All day, every day.

Based in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, our VICs operate 364 days a year, from 6.00am until 12.00am. Through constant monitoring and verification, our dedicated and highly trained teams ensure that all processes are faultless.

Housed in one of New Zealand’s leading data centres, the data processed by our VICs is monitored and supported 24/7. The VICs back one another up via high-speed fibre optic links, and offer scalability to clients with irregular workflow or volumes. Our VICs are highly secure, and adhere to best business practices, including comprehensive backups and emergency generators ensuring continuity in the case of a disaster.
With litigation comes evidence - generally masses of it. We specialise in bringing electronic order to analogue disarray. Case made.

Our innovative Legal eDiscovery processes rapidly transform any amount of hardcopy documents into consistent and High Court compliant file formats that are easy to review, search and categorise. We enrich your documents with the application of barcoding, document stamping and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to provide full text searchability. Objective document coding can be used to reveal metadata.


High Court compliant file formats
Fully searchable formats saves time
Integrity and consistency of your electronic documents assured Reduced internal operational overheads and delays
Streamlined document processing and unmatched turnaround times

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