In today’s competitive global market, security is non-negotiable. With our Authentication Solution, you can track your confidential documents throughout their lifecycle, and quickly trace any leaks to find the responsible party. With comprehensive security controls, you can reliably minimise the risk of exposing sensitive information and maintain your reputation as a trustworthy organisation. 


In the digital age, it’s getting harder and harder to keep confidential data secure. Our recent survey found that 75 per cent of organisations questioned expressed high concern about data leakage risks, and 84 per cent lacked confidence in their security controls.

Keeping all confidential documents secure can seem like an impossible task. Even authorised users make mistakes, like leaving sensitive documents unattended at a printer. If the wrong information gets out, it can damage your company’s reputation and ultimately limit business opportunities.

You need a solution that reduces the risk of data leaks by providing state of the art, round-the-clock authentication and monitoring across all devices, networks and users. With greater security, you can meet your compliance commitments and trust that your sensitive data stays safe.


You can set a policy on each document to prevent its contents being viewed by unauthorised users, and ensure that files are scanned and sent in a secured file format. You can also change the settings whenever you need to.
Our proactive Authentication Solution provides complete control. You can decide who is authorised to print or send the information and how. This way, you can limit access to confidential files and tailor the levels of authentication within your workforce.
As an organisation that deals with large amounts of sensitive data, you are required to meet certain standards. You want your customers and suppliers to trust you, but it can be difficult to ensure that everyone in your organisation is handling confidential information responsibly, all the time. Our automated solution provides an easy way to monitor files and mitigate the risk of leaks.
Monitoring your confidential data is made easy with tools that track all document handling for you. Any copying, printing, scanning or sending and receiving by fax is recorded, along with user and device details. You can monitor user activity by individuals and groups, reducing the risk of unauthorised access. In the event of a leak, you can quickly find the responsible party by searching job logs that show you how and when it happened. You can then put preventative policies in place.


What you will get

  •  One-touch user authentication to secure all print activities. Users are identified by card, PIN, password or a combination of those to prevent unauthorised access.
  • On Demand Print jobs are released only when the user is there to collect them, with no confidential files being left unattended at printers to be picked up by the wrong person.
  • Ability to assign print, copy and scan rights across your organisation. Rules-based printing allows you to predetermine which users can print to which devices. 
  • The option to add a digital signature and send documents in a secured file format, reducing the risk of unauthorised access.

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