Securing sensitive data has never been more of a challenge than it is today. Our Document Audit Trail Solution provides a convenient and hassle-free way to monitor confidential information – who accesses it, sends it, prints it, copies it, when and how. By tracking all your vital company data and storing it securely, you can reduce the risk of damaging leaks, protect your intellectual property and maintain the integrity of your brand.


As a responsible organisation, you are faced with the momentous challenge of handling large quantities of sensitive data in a trustworthy way. Despite increased security awareness, data leakage scares still occur frequently.

You need a comprehensive solution that helps you keep track of confidential files and ensure they are handled correctly by the right people at all times. You need a way to archive your documents so that they are secure yet accessible. With greater control and tighter security, you can minimise the risk of leaks and protect the reputation of your brand.


Instead of locking confidential files behind mountains of red tape, we provide a simple solution that offers sound security, but also allows you to quickly access secured documents when you need to. By storing documents as images, the ApeosWare Image Log Management solution makes it easy to manage, monitor and locate archived documents, reducing the danger of leaked information that could compromise your business.
If classified documents are leaked, you can find the responsible party quickly by searching document image archives. The job logs and document content will show you how and when a leak occurred. You can then implement security measures to ensure it never happens again.
Our solution helps secure vital company information by tracking all processes involved in document handling. Documents are stored as images, and ongoing records of all copying, printing, scanning and faxing are maintained, with details about users and devices. Our detailed records make it easy to find out when each document was accessed, by who and how. This high level of traceability helps prevent sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.
With our Document Audit Trail Solution, you can set restrictions on who can access certain documents and how, then watch them being carried out automatically. This way you can ensure all sent and received files follow protocol. 


What you will get

  • Ability to track all document handling 24/7 from your multifunctional device, with user and device details, increasing visibility and reducing the risk of data leakage. 
  • Reports sent to administrators via email at designated intervals. All reports are saved for future reference and can be categorised by users or groups, assigned varying degrees of importance, and displayed by year or month.
  • Documents stored as images to make them easier to track, archive and search.
  • Greater document storage capacity and systematic filing to make it easy to find archived documents on demand.
  • A multilingual Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function to help you quickly find the documents you need, in any language.
  • Customisable image log monitoring and notifications according to your preferences.

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