Accelerate Digital Transformation & Achieve Business Success

Whether you are just starting or expanding your business, place your company on the right track in your digital transformation journey with FUJIFILM Business Innovation New Zealand. Support efficient workstyles with our workflow automation solutions, services and award-winning multifunction office printers and stay ahead in the digital transition.

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Rethink Office Printing

Explore FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s cutting-edge printers built to achieve outstanding quality and augment your digital transformation strategy. With a plug-and-play office printer, start printing documents and images in black-and-white or colour. FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s advanced printer technologies, precision image production, continuous output speed, and privacy features make the printing process more productive and sustainable.

Transform Your Business For The Digital Future

Digitising your business processes is a great start. Harness the true power of digital transformation, with the right technology to create a smart work environment for your workforce. The transformation of print-based processes into efficient automated workflows is made effortless with our customisable document management solutions. Facilitate greater visibility throughout processes and use the gathered data to pinpoint areas for optimisation for effective business management. FUJIFILM Business Innovation has a solid track record with the experience and expertise to take your business to new heights.

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Navigate the future wave of change with FUJIFILM Business Innovation New Zealand. Discover our selection of innovative printers, software and integrated solutions to facilitate your business’s digital transformation. Alternatively, reach out to our friendly representatives to learn how we can maximise your business success.

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