Multi-channel Communication

Customised customer communications

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No two customers are alike, so why would you talk to them all in the same way? Maximise outcomes, improve your customer’s experience and gain loyalty by letting them choose the channel.

Our leading multi-channel communication services reduce time-to-market and increase response rates through our end-to-end document processes.

We facilitate distribution to any channel across multiple vendors from a single file input. Our services deliver effective customer communication; everything from design, editing, print and then distribution.

And our ability to manage dynamic customer preferences means that if one channel of communication fails (for example, an email address is no longer valid) we route it to the next paper production run.

We even handle direct and third party payment processing.

While customers can (and often will) ignore printed, or electronic marketing materials, we use our services to utilise the value of commonly retained transactional documents like invoices, statements and account updates. We convert these documents into full-colour marketing tools to deliver highly personalised data-driven promotional messaging, offers, new product or service information, discounts and rewards.


Loyalty gained by leveraging dynamic customer preferences
Maximised value of essential business communications
Increased response customer rates
Documents delivered through multiple interfaces (including portal integration, ViewPay, BPay View TM, any digital mailbox service, consumer direct, and social media)