Digital Rights Management

Increase security and mitigate leakage risks without compromising on collaboration, flexibility and workflow efficiency

Digital Rights Management


Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a systematic approach to protecting copyrighted data. It helps prevent unauthorised distribution and restricts users from copying or leaking sensitive content. You can increase security and mitigate leakage risks without compromising on collaboration, flexibility and workflow efficiency.


More and more business processes rely on sharing data, not just between employees but also with external partners and customers, making it increasingly difficult to ensure confidential information stays secure.

Data leaks are all too common in today’s digital marketplace, and often result in a loss of productivity, revenue and customer loyalty. It has been shown that security breaches are often attributable to legitimate users and human error. One email sent to the wrong person by mistake can end up costing the company billions.

With so many different systems in use, there are bound to be gaps. You need one solution that is solely focused on protecting actual data and monitoring documents throughout their life cycle, so nothing slips through the gaps.


Reduce risk of confidential information falling into the wrong hands with a solution that provides strong, fool proof protection. Now, you can set a lifespan for your confidential files, so they self-destruct in the event of a breach, limiting any potential damage to your organisation.
Our solution helps you keep track of each document, and how it is used, modified and distributed throughout its entire lifecycle. If any errors do occur, you can quickly find out what went wrong and prevent it from happening again. 
DRM provides persistent protection – security that stays with the file wherever it goes. By encrypting files locally, file security is kept independent from transport, collaboration and storage mechanisms. With this unique and effective security solution, you can continue to collaborate and share data without risking illegal plagiarism.
DRM gives you complete control over all sensitive content. You decide who can receive, save, edit, print and send documents. You can even set restrictions on copying, pasting and taking screenshots. This high level of security helps ensure that all confidential information stays that way.
With one comprehensive DRM solution, you can do away with multiple systems and their expenses. Plus, our solution is easy to implement and can be adapted to fit within your existing infrastructure. This removes any labour-intensive administration when setting up and using our solution.


What you will get

  •  Granular control over document permissions, so you can choose who has access to a file and exactly how they can modify it. 
  • File encryption separated from transport, collaboration and storage mechanisms, so you can increase security without compromising collaboration. 
  • Full audit of document access, allowing you to easily identify and remedy errors.
  • Time bomb documents to prevent sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

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