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Optimised workflow processes to enjoy a 20% reduction in printing costs

Borneo Motors
Designing for productivity and success at Borneo Motors

Case Study Snapshot

• To maximise process efficiencies, streamline print processes, and reduce operation costs
• A complex print environment with 31 different printer models and over a hundred print devices
• Printers were under-utilised
• High printing costs and print wastages added to its financial burden
• To optimise its future state print environment and fleet architecture for increased productivity
• Managed Print Service
• Fuji Xerox ApeosPort V4070, VC2276, VC3774, VC3376, VC4476 and VC5576
• ApeosWare Print Management Suite with Collobos Presto (Airprint)
• DocuPrint M455 df
• DPP 505d
• Electronic Partnership Broadband (EP-BB)
• Cost savings of 20%
• Higher print volume
• Increased staff productivity
• Remote incident management and troubleshooting
• Automated replenishment process for consumables
• Minimised downtime

About Borneo Motors

Borneo Motors – part of the Inchcape Group of U.K. – is an authorised distributor of the world’s leading automobile brands. Founded in 1967 in Singapore, Borneo Motors leads the industry with a 'Customer First' philosophy, which seeks to deliver quality, durability and reliability. Borneo Motors has been representing Toyota since 1967, and Lexus since 1992. In 2006, it ventured into the heavy goods vehicle market with Hino, which is part of the Toyota group. With a strong belief that there is always a better way, Borneo Motors’ team of employees constantly aim to exceed customer expectations and challenge conventional boundaries.

Uncovering Performance Gaps

The absence of print management systems translated into high printing costs for Borneo Motors. With a total of 143 print devices of 31 different models, employees experienced a complex print environment that required continuous adaptation and handling of varied print workflows. The print speed of some of these models also took a toll on staff productivity.

To improve productivity, Borneo Motors identified areas that could potentially be optimised. For instance, the company’s 8 desktop all-in-ones and 102 standalone printers, which made up 77% of its total number of print devices, contributed just 23% of total print volume. This led to a printer utilisation rate of 0.83%, which was below the industry benchmark of 3% to 7%.

As Borneo Motors was consolidating three locations into a new site while ceasing operations at two other sites, it decided to take the opportunity to centralise its user administration and print processes. As a dynamic organisation, the management knew exactly what it needed – to re-design its future state print management design for all its locations by unifying its various print drivers and automating user management. It aimed to reduce the volume of uncollected print outs synchronising its staff passes to its print system. Through the infrastructure review, the company hoped to introduce print-on-demand capabilities to allow staff to print and collect their print jobs at any MFD across its network with just a tap of their staff pass. Besides increasing document security and tracking individual usage, this would minimise downtime should printers become unavailable.

As the company expanded, a lack of visibility on copy and print usage and uncollected printouts created a burden on its overheads and became a bane to growth. To monitor its print environment, Borneo Motors required the ease and flexibility of generating usage reports on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis.

Smart Work Innovation

Borneo Motors and Fuji Xerox worked together on a design and discovery exercise to establish the company’s workflow requirement and this resulted in a balanced deployment of machines across its offices. Instead of 143 print devices across 31 different models, a detailed assessment by Fuji Xerox streamlined the company’s print environment to just 112 devices with four printer models.

To minimise print costs, new printers were equipped with Fuji Xerox’s “Follow-You-Printing” feature, which would allow print jobs to be securely retrieved. Insights on Borneo Motors print environment were provided during Quarterly Business Reviews which enabled it to make more informed decisions. These printers included 11 ApeosPort V4070 (45ppm), which replaced the existing ApeosPort IV3070 MFDs, as well as the latest ApeosPort models VC2276, VC3774, VC3376, VC4476 and VC5576 in replacement of the ApeosPort VC2275 and ApeosPort VC3375 printers.

These printers were unified via a centralised Apeosware Management Suite (AWMS), an advanced integrated system designed to support the managing and usage of Fuji Xerox MFDs. This enabled Borneo Motors to free its workforce from time-intensive user management and maintenance of its print environment. The AWMS also eliminated print wastage by allowing the release of print jobs only upon authentication. Instead of managing several devices at once, this end-to-end document management solution simplified document lifecycle management through web-based, one-click reports and logs that could be generated on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis.

To enable a seamless and intuitive user experience, Fuji Xerox integrated the AWMS with Collobos Presto, a simple printing application for mobile workers on the go. This enabled the printing of office documents directly from their mobile devices via Airprint. The application also automatically releases authenticated print jobs. To improve staff printing experience, Fuji Xerox installed two print servers to lower the print jobs latency travelling from the main server to the local site.

Keeping track of printer issues had been an administrative burden for Borneo Motors. To digitise the process, Fuji Xerox recommended the Electronic Partnership Broadband (EP-BB) as a value-added service to monitor, maintain and replenish supplies of Fuji Xerox MFDs. With this comprehensive suite of infrastructure, Fuji Xerox was directly alerted for all device faults, and consumables such as inks were automatically delivered to Borneo Motors once pre-determined levels were reached. This smart proactive support tool eliminated time-consuming manual checks and left Borneo Motors with more resources to focus on its core business.

The Perfect Partnership

With Fuji Xerox efficiently overseeing the entire deployment of its new print environment, Borneo Motors was able to enjoy a seamless transition. In collaboration with Borneo Motors, the Fuji Xerox team also facilitated the change by familiarising users with the new set-up. Training sessions by Fuji Xerox equipped administrators with the know-how to manage user accounts, address books, devices, access permissions, card registrations, card logins and print queues. The consolidation of devices optimised Borneo Motors’ workflow processes and enabled the company to enjoy a 20% reduction in printing costs. Besides achieving a high printer utilisation rate, the company was able to make informed decisions with granular user data provided by the AWMS system. With the change, there is a saving in operating cost of 11%.

With the EP-BB, Borneo Motors was able to pre-emptively assess or resolve printer performance issues through a single point of management. The remote end-to-end incident management system proactively monitored faults and consumables to minimise machine downtime. By automating the replenishment process, Borneo Motors no longer had to keep track of its supplies. It also enjoyed increased staff productivity by saving valuable time in device management and administration. This provided the company with an enterprise level answer to all the issues stemming from its document output, while increasing equipment productivity and minimising downtime.

Fuji Xerox’s ecosystem of products and solutions has enhanced business productivity and flexibility at Borneo Motors. This was a step forward in Borneo Motors’ plan to achieve a more productive and efficient print environment. With speed, stability and industry-leading printing performance, Borneo Motors was able to focus on its core competencies and deliver greater value to its clients.

Borneo Motors Case Study

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