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Device Log Service Streamlines Business Processes and Simplified Workflows for CEO Suite

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CEO SUITE is a leading provider of service offices in Asia. The company has over 20 years of experience in hospitality, and has a clientele that consists primarily of C-level executives who trust the brand for their exquisite office spaces, professional business support services, and dedication to exemplary standards.

The company prides themselves on their excellent locations, luxurious facilities, and a steadfast commitment to investing in the latest technologies that offer clients a highly productive working environment. 

Their goal is to become the first choice for the global workplace, and a helpline where entrepreneurs find solutions to business issues.


As a brand that dedicates themselves to offering top quality service to C-level clients, CEO SUITE’s technology and workflow solutions need to keep pace with their clients’ increasing demands for convenience, speed and productivity.

The company has maintained their lead in the industry by being a frontrunner in technology adoption - but with an aging multifunction device (MFD) at the heart of their business support area, CEO SUITE needed an updated solution to provide clients with a better working experience and to streamline their own reporting and billing processes.

CEO SUITE faced several key issues with their existing MFD including a lack of support for the latest devices and operating systems. This made printing, scanning and copying documents difficult or even impossible.

In a world of fingerprint scanners and one-touch authentication, the aging MFD’s access code logins proved to be a hassle. This was especially so as clients often forgot or misplaced access codes. Prior to using a Fuji Xerox MFD, the company's office manager had to tabulate charges manually, using a raw log file. This process was time-consuming and made these services less profitable than they could have been. 

Additionally, the need for physical servers to host their MFD’s usage data translated into added maintenance hassles and costs for the business.

CEO SUITE needed a solution that would simplify and improve the usability of their MFD, so their clients could be more productive. The solution was also expected to enhance their accounting and billing processes, preferably in the cloud.

The Fuji Xerox Solution

CEO SUITE found an ideal solution with the combination of the Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-VI and accompanying Device Log Service. The DocuCentre-VI is an intelligent MFD that makes printing simple, fast and seamless – especially in office spaces with multiple users.

The MFD features Smart WelcomEyes technology, which delivers a “zero waiting time experience” to users. Cameras in the MFD detect human movement within a 1.2m range, then determine if the person wants to use the MFD, before waking the MFD from sleep mode automatically. User authentication is done with a simple swipe of an IC card, which then allows the MFD to log each user’s print, scan and copy jobs.

Importantly, business-critical documents can be printed at a super high resolution of 1200 x 1400 dpi with the new Super-EA Eco toner that produces incredibly sharp text and smooth lines for perfect business document printouts.

Device Log Service is a cloud-enabled service that allows businesses to tally and view device usage via a web browser. Accounting and billing results, tallied and colour-coded reports (represented in table and chart form), can also be printed. Best of all, the results can be filtered by target devices or user IDs, so businesses can manage expenses on an individual user or department basis. All this information can be viewed on a simple-to-use web report.

Results achieved

CEO SUITE’s clients appreciate the simpler approach to printing, scanning and copying that the DocuCentre-VI provides. The MFD’s card reader has brought a new level of convenience to print, scan and copy  jobs – as users can now access the MFD with a simple card tap.

Another advantage is the greater compatibility with new devices and operating systems. This provides clients with more freedom and flexibility regarding their choice of work devices, and reduces the number of requests for assistance that CEO SUITE’s customer service staff receive. Also, the MFD’s high resolution print outs are excellent for printing business contracts, policies and other critical documents. The added simplicity and quality have made clients more receptive to using the MFD, which results in additional revenue for CEO SUITE.

CEO SUITE’s implementation of the Device Log Service helps the company to streamline business processes – simplifying workflows, while reducing manpower and maintenance needs. Device Log Service tracks 

MFD usage on a per user basis and provides detailed reports, on-demand. The data is presented in easy-to-understand layouts, making it useful for both technical staff and management.

The benefits of understanding this detailed usage information is clear to CEO SUITE’s. The company uses this knowledge to adjust their pricing and set up subscription offers for clients, based on demand. And as Device Log Service is hosted on the cloud, there is a reduction of maintenance requirements as no physical servers are deployed.

For CEO SUITE, the new suite of solutions has made user management more efficient. The brand maintains its status as a forerunner in technology adoption, and a leading provider of world-class service offices.

"We switched to Fuji Xerox many years ago, and are happy with the brand's quality and reliability. The printer’s technology, the Device Log Service, and the solution’s integration with the cloud has made usage tracking and reporting incredibly simple, accurate and useful for planning our service offerings. So when it came time to upgrade, the decision was simple – we chose a Fuji Xerox MFD."

- HC Leman Regional IT Manager, CEO SUITE

CEO Suite Case Study

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