How prepared are you for a digital transformation?

The move to digitally transform business is no longer optional, it’s imperative. 

This is especially true for businesses in the Asia-Pacific region. By automating, businesses here are able to react faster, eliminate obstacles and scale quickly.

In short, intelligent automation, used correctly, allows smaller companies to think and act big. 

And that’s a huge disrupter. 

Imagine being a small company with the same technological advantages as a global business. Having the ability to transform and scale in months. The power to automate document workflow and transform workflow management almost instantaneously. 

And to do it all with top-notch cybersecurity.

As more enterprises move to an automated and digitised future, what will this mean for your business, your staff and the workforce in general? 

Start with the right technology

The new marketplace requires new skills. To accelerate your digital transformation, you’ll need technology specialists, data analysts and those with highly specialized skills in areas like Cybersecurity. 

The tricky part is, your competitors are looking for exactly the same thing.

In Singapore, one way to stay ahead of this skills hunt is to employ the right technology. By having an end-to-end workflow management system, you’ll be able to leverage many of these analytical, automated and high-end security solutions.

Fujifilm Business Innovation has developed three types of intelligence to help power digital transformation in Singapore: Digital Intelligence, Human Intelligence, and Machine Intelligence. Digital Intelligence supports data-informed decision making to build an effective IT strategy for digital transformation. Human Intelligence serves as a trusted strategic partner to create greater business and customer value. Machine Intelligence is geared towards keeping document management infrastructure running smoothly and efficiently. The solutions work in tandem with our machine intelligence to power your everyday innovation.

However, technology can only take your digital transformation so far. 

Here are 4 human-centric tips to ease your organization’s digital business transformation. 

Transformation starts at the top

To speed up your digital transformation in Singapore, you need a digitally savvy person in your senior management team. This could be a new hire or an existing member of the team. The key is to identify and empower them. Then let them set down specific goals and milestones.

Take it to the team

Once you’ve identified a leader, take the change to a team level. This starts by redefining individual roles and responsibilities so that they feed into your organization’s goals. A good place to start is by digitising one task at a time. 

Be sure to find someone who can translate and integrate digital transformation methods and processes into existing ways of working. If this proves difficult, consultants and outside expertise can be a big help.

Empower new ways of working

Digitising changes the way we do things. It makes us more collaborative, more mobile, and more customer-centric. 

Key to embracing these changes is to empower people. 

Firstly, through education and training and a more fluid work environment. Secondly, by getting your people to provide input into what they want to see digitised and what they don't.

Communication is key

Transforming your company can’t be done in the dark. Everyone involved has to feel like they have a say. Have a clear plan and communicate it to your teams. Research has shown that transformation is three times more likely to happen when people understand and buy into the change. 

Set targets and timelines so change happens in real-time. 

Transformation takes time

The trend toward digitisation is here to stay. And acting now is important. But remember, things don’t change overnight. Having the right technology, the right people and the right plan takes time.

At FUJIFILM Business Innovation, we can help you turn transformation worries into freedom to grow.

If you’d like to know more, our team would be happy to talk about solutions that can speed the growth of your business.

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