Device Log Service

A service to tally logs of MFD usage

Device Log Service



Easy introduction
No special equipment or efforts are required. PDCA cycle to achieve cost saving can be created easily.
Visualized savings
Usage can be visualized with tables and charts. This will promote company-wide cost-saving consciousness.
Detailed management
Usage can be tallied per device or user. You can pinpoint how the devices are being used.
Optimal deployment
Usage per department can be obtained. Consolidate and deploy the optimal number of devices.


MFD usage can be tallied and viewed via Web UI.
This streamlines expense management and promotes TCO savings.

Device Log Service is a service that allows you to tally and view device usage via a web browser.
Accounting results are shown in color-coded, easy-to-read tables and charts, and they can also be printed.
Filter results by target devices or user IDs to manage expenses for individuals or departments.
To use this service, you only need an MFD with an EP-BB* contract and a PC with Internet access.
No dedicated server is required. Promote TCO reduction in your office with ease.

  • MFD management service provided by FUJIFILM Business Innovation.

Home Page - Overall Usage

After you log in, the Home Page will be displayed where you will see a list of managed devices and This Month's Usage. The Function Toolbar at the top of the Home Page allows you to switch between functions.

Home Page Home Page

Accounting Settings screen

Usage Data Accounting - Accounting Patterns can be registered

You can calculate usage by user or device, and download the usage data. In addition, you can collate and calculate the usage of multiple tenants. You can set detailed accounting targets and items according to usage purpose, and display the accounting results as charts. Settings can then be registered as an Accounting Pattern for future use. By setting a unit cost* for color and black & white, you can calculate the charges and display the data as charts.

  • Unit cost settings apply to all models.

[Chart types]

  • Pie chart
  • Bar/column chart
  • Line chart
  • Area chart

Example of accounting by department Example of accounting by department

Check usage on the device*

Monthly usage can be displayed on the control panel, along with messages to users. You can display, for example, a message to recommend 2 Sided or 2-Up printing.

  • Multifunction Device Linkage Tool must be installed.

Check usage on the device control panel Usage display shown on device

Device Management

Provides details on devices that are being managed by Device Log Service. You can switch between List and Detailed View, and change accounting settings.

Detailed View Detailed View

User Management

Up to 10000 users can be registered. You can easily add users and update information. User information can be exported and registered in CSV format. You can also synchronize user information with Azure Active Directory and LDAP server data.

User Management screen User Management screen

Job Log Analyzer analyzes job logs saved in Device Log Service and creates individual reports and more detailed graphs.

  • Job Log Analyzer can be downloaded from Device Log Service Help.

Job Log Analyzer screen Job Log Analyzer screen

How Device Log Service Works


Operating Environment

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Terms and Conditions

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Device Log Service

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