Workflow Web Application for organizations, easy to use, no need to write code, support for use on smartphones.

Workflow web application that can help customers create electronic forms quickly with a drag and drop method where anyone can set up a form to enter data, conditions , workflows, reports and charts. All from the web browser you use regularly.

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Highlight of Workflow Web Application?

There is a dashboard showing data and reporting usage statistics which show complete information

Able to connect to the back-end information system.

Compatible with all devices both online and offline.

Tested on all screen sizes and all phone operating systems.

It is a webform which creates business conditions, process and reports or charts on Web Browser.

Workflow can be created work process, step, data connection, internal staff. You can even easily create work approval procedures.

Why Workflow Web Application?

Workflow web application helps you build applications faster because it simplifies writing code to create forms, workflows, reports, and charts. The platform handles many existingbusiness requirements. You simply define the form and scope of the data as you want.


In summary, with a simple drag and drop, you can set up forms to enter business conditions and workflows, reports and charts, all from your favorite web browser.


Supports a variety of operating systems
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Advantages of Using Workflow Web Application

Reduce the use of paper forms, the cost of printing and renting space for document storage.
Get  information which is accurate, fast, and up to date. Ready to use immediately.
Access information anytime and anywhere.

Step for using the electronic Form (e-Form)

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