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e-tax โซลูชั่น

 Are you facing any of these problems of making tax invoices and receipts before sending to the Revenue Department? 

e-Tax โซลูชั่น

Do you have to pay the following cost ?

Production cost of paper tax invoice
7 Baht per transaction

Delivery cost

20 Baht per transaction


Storage cost and seek for documents

20 Baht per transaction

Total cost per transaction = 47 baht per transaction


e-Tax Solution will help your organization deliver tax invoices and receipts from “Paper” to “Electronic” format.

e-Tax Invoice is Electronic tax invoice which change from paper to electronic information, reduce the time to prepare and store documents, and reduce delivery costs because it can be automatically sent via e-mail.

e-Tax ภาษี ระบบจัดการใบกำกับภาษีอัตโนมัติ

e-Tax Solution can create files in XML format for submission to the Revenue Department

and automatically deliver to buyer or service recipient .


There are 2 formats of e-Tax Invoice services as follows:

  • Host to Host
  • Service Provider

You can choose the service according to the suitability of your business.

e-Tax ภาษี ระบบจัดการใบกำกับภาษีอัตโนมัติ

Example of Cost compare when using the e-Tax Solution

e-Tax โซลูชั่น  

The advantages of e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt

Send files via e-mail, reducing paper consumption.

No need to waste time preparing accounting documents.

No need the room to store and search.

Send files via e-mail, no need to deliver paper documents.

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