Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

How to make your business more productive with better cost efficiency.

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The organization wants to minimize errors from work processes.

Data come from a variety of systems. Therefore, it needs to spend a lot of time on gathering all scattering data. This problem affects important business decisions.

The organization will respond to the needs of customers faster with existing employees?

Robotic Process Automation known as RPA is the first step in the transition to a digital age and highly serves a purpose to manage the manual system which needs to handle a lot of data and take a long time to process. Therefore, RPA technology will help your organization to do the following tasks.


Optimize the work process to speed many times higher and be able to work 24/7 without any errors.
Employees can increase the value of the organization by focusing on works that actually make results or make more productivity without wasting normal working time.
Help to process information from multiple systems for quick and accurate decision makings.



Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

1. Optimize employee to work with higher added value job which requires decisions instead of manual work.

2. Make cost saving and integrate the system in which one robot is equivalent to 3 full-time employees.

3. Increase accuracy from data collection and delivery to the system because manual work processes tend to have about 5% human error. However, switching to RPA will work 100% correctly.

4. Increase business capability and new opportunities in doing business from an automated management process.


Why need Robotic Process Automation from Fujifilm Business Innovation 

FUJIFILM Business Innovation is a specialist in providing complete solution services, both software and hardware, with a team that provides consultation, installation and after-sales service with over 52 years of experience.





This video will take you to see the benefits and stories of RPA software that has helped work in various departments of Kanemitsu Pulley Co., Ltd., one of the well-known industrial companies in the country. RPA can help reduce time and effectively reduce errors in both document work within the office and production line.

Manage Your Workflows with FUJIFILM Business Innovation

Interested to learn how the hybrid workforce powered by Robotic Process Automation can augment your operational efficiency and effectiveness significantly? FUJIFILM Business Innovation, in partnership with best of breed technology providers, can help you select the right Robotic Process Automation technology to adopt, design, deploy and manage the software programs you need. Let us chart your journey to meet moving business goals around People, Governance, Risks and Compliance.

Want to know more or discuss how FUJIFILM Business Innovation can help you create those digital experiences to transform your business? Contact us today for all your enquiries.

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