Moving to Cloud

“By 2021, the integration of on-premises and cloud resources will be a top IT spending priority for half of SMBs.” – IDC Report

Moving to Cloud

Upgrading to a nimble cloud-based system can transform many areas of your business, improving connectivity and communication.

Cloud Solutions 

Organizations are improving their IT infrastructure to optimize cost expenditure. At the same time, IT departments want secure and reliable infrastructure to ensure safe and smooth accessibility for their users. FUJIFILM Business Innovation offers secure, reliable cloud solutions so that users constantly stay in touch with their information without any hassle


Mobile Solutions 

Flexibility to connect with information from anywhere and anytime not only boosts productivity but also helps organizations make quick decisions while on the go. FUJIFILM Business Innovation solutions offer a seamless mobile experience to print, access and process information without any limitations.

Related Solutions

Use Cloud on Demand Print to print from any FUJIFILM Business Innovation cloud servers when visiting remote locations.

Conveniently print documents on the go, any time you need it

Seamlessly connect across your favorite cloud storage platforms such as Google drive, Box, Sharepoint, Dropbox, Evernote, Onedrive and Working Folder.

Streamline sharing and collaboration across different departments and vendors

Upon scanning physical documents, directly translate them into multiple languages.

Shorter turnaround times to translate physical documents
Enables collaborative work culture across multiple international locations

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