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Increase productivity for your business

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Conventional call for service is now a practice of the past. EP-BB, a smart proactive support tool, would shift all issues related to your devices’ incidents and consumables to FUJIFILM Business Innovation, enable you to enjoy peace of mind and productivity improvement from both staff and equipment.
Through Internet access, EP-BB unites client’s devices status and delivers a comprehensive 24x7 support. Hence, this service offering maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime.


Increase Staff Productivity
Meter readings are retrieved automatically and accurately. Hence, enterprises save valuable time of administration for productive work.
Minimize downtime
Respective supplies are dispatched to your enterprises right after consumables reach pre-determined levels. This feature sets you free of worry about running out of toner and keeps your business running smoothly with minimum downtime.
Improve Equipment Productivity
Devices are optimized thanks to immediate fault alert to FUJIFILM Business Innovation for identifying potential issues and acting proactively to troubleshoot. Users no longer need to report the problems to us but enjoy improved device availability.
Visualize and green your working environment
Comprising of three key reports – Function Usage Report, Eco Report and Service History Report, Green Report enables wealth of knowledge about print usage, environmental impact of device operations and service history information.This valuable information aids you in implementing and monitoring environmental best practices.

EP BB Security

Security is strongly emphasized in designing EP-BB.
Communication can only be initiated by the multifunction device. Information then transmitted securely by using SSL Protocol. Customers' documents or image information are not transferred. 
Enterprises can be ensured that FUJIFILM Business Innovation employs security policies that safeguard your data.