What We Do

We produce high quality photo imaging and graphics chemicals, as well as medical and industrial X-Ray chemicals, which are sold throughout the world. Our production facilities are operated by a professional and experienced team and are maintained according to strict and severe quality conditions.

We offer high quality and competitive manufacturing with highly automated mixing, filling and packaging activities. Combined with a can-do attitude and flexibility this makes us an ideal partner for contract manufacturing, where we can count on various satisfied customers.

Reduce - Reuse – Recycle is our main philosophy. Whether at our own manufacturing operations or at the customers’, we heavily promote these principles by our actions and specialist environmental service.

Complete Quality Care - This environmental involvement does not stand on its own but is integrated in a Complete Quality Care philosophy. FUJIFILM strives for a complete care for the product, the customer, the environment and safety. It is the company’s conviction that the constant pursuit of Complete Quality is of great importance for its continuity. We see environmental care and safety conduct of our activities as a social duty.

Our Sint-Niklaas  site is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and uses 5S philosophy for efficient and safe production. We are also a Seveso higher tier establishment. Our factory is compliant with GHS for classification and labelling of chemicals and is GMP-certified.

We have extensive contacts with industry trade associations, government and legislative committees, equipment manufacturers and suppliers to stay abreast of technical and legal developments.