Message from Leadership

Junji Okada : Chairman and Representative Director (right)
Mitsuhiro Sato : President and Representative Director (left)

After transferring our Radiopharmaceutical Business to PDRadiopharma Inc., in March 2022 we start with adding CDMO Business, which provides contract process development and manufacturing services for pharmaceuticals, as a new pillar to our existing Pharmaceutical Products Business.

Due to the threat of COVID-19 and other emerging infectious diseases, as well as to aging populations, expectations placed on us and other healthcare companies have increased dramatically.
As a core company in the field of Treatment within the Fujifilm Group, a total healthcare company covering “Prevention,” “Diagnosis,” and “Treatment,” we will address the needs of society through the research, development, and supply of pharmaceutical products.

As part of our pharmaceutical R&D, in the fields of Infectious Diseases and Central Nervous System Diseases, we will address unmet medical needs and commit to finding solutions for medical care and health related social issues. Specifically, we will develop therapeutic drugs for Emerging Infectious Diseases and Alzheimer’s Disease, for which no effective treatment methods exist.

In addition, we will promote our CDMO Business by leveraging the advanced nano dispersion, analysis, and synthesis technologies that Fujifilm has cultivated and evolved through the development of a wide range of products including photographic films, as well as our own manufacturing facilities and production know-how. We aim to achieve further business growth by providing a full range of contract services, from design and process development for formulations using lipid nanoparticle (LNP) and liposome, which are types of Drug Delivery System (DDS) technologies, to manufacturing these for clinical trials and commercial sales at our newly built production facility.

In the spirit of “NEVER STOP,” we will ceaselessly undertake challenges to create new value and contribute to global healthcare.

We ask for your support as we pursue these objectives.

Junji Okada
Chairman and Representative Director

Mitsuhiro Sato
President and Representative Director