What We Do

Focusing on the CDMO business for new modalities in addition to new drug development

The Fujifilm Group's healthcare business is engaged in a wide range of areas, encompassing prevention, diagnosis, and treatment as a total healthcare company. FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical, one of the core companies in the healthcare segment, is committed to solving social issues through its pharmaceutical business.

Leveraging over 40 years of expertise in anti-infective drugs, we have recently focused on contract manufacturing as the only company capable of manufacturing sterile penicillin antibiotics products in Japan.

In addition, we are advancing our CDMO*1 business for formulations using lipid nanoparticle (LNP), liposome, and other drug delivery system (DDS) technologies, which are also used in the mRNA vaccines for COVID-19. A new formulation manufacturing facility capable of producing commercial products became operational in 2020. Going forward, we will expand the CDMO business, including new modalities such as LNP, to meet customer needs.

  • *1 CDMO stands for Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization.

Main Business Fields

Discovery support CRO Business

Fujifilm will expand a Japan-based "discovery support CRO business" to support drug research and development conducted by pharmaceutical companies, bio-ventures, academia, and others with the combined resources of Fujifilm Group.

FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical will leverage its advanced manufacturing facilities and long-standing expertise in drug discovery to provide services to its customers.