What We Do

Concentrating our business resources on the development of new drugs to address unmet medical needs

In the field of healthcare, which the Fujifilm group is developing, FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd. undertakes research, development, manufacture and sales of drugs for the “Diagnostic” and “Treatment” fields.

Working together with FUJIFILM Corporation, our company has been developing innovative diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, as well as therapeutic drugs having unique mechanisms of action in the fields of Cancer, Central Nervous System Diseases and Infectious Diseases where significant unmet medical needs still exist. We also work to develop new medicines utilizing Drug Delivery System (DDS) technologies, designed to deliver the required amount of a drug in a timely manner to the specific body area. By exploring synergy with in vitro diagnostic devices and reagents owned by Fujifilm group companies, the company will expand its offering of comprehensive solutions from diagnosis to treatment.

Main Business Fields

We will strive to provide patients with more effective treatment such as armed antibodies, which combine antibodies and radioisotopes, and liposome preparations that selectively deliver drugs to a cancer-affected area by using one-of-a-kind drug delivery technology.

Toyama 701 Facility

We have also established the first liposome production facility in Japan. In addition to liposome pharmaceuticals, we also undertake production of lipid nanoparticle (LNP) pharmaceuticals for clinical trials and commercial sales.

For the field of radiopharmaceuticals, we will develop Theranostics which enable diagnosis and treatment using the same compound by changing the labeled isotope. We will strive to provide new drugs that will meet unmet medical needs concerning neuroendocrine tumors and pheochromocytoma for clinical practices.

We aim to launch therapeutic drugs by identifying the association of SPECT/PET image analyses and biomarkers with diseases and pathologies, and by conducting clinical trials targeting patients who expect benefit of the drugs.

In addition to therapeutic drugs to treat diseases caused by highly virulent viruses with high mortality rates, we are achieving targeted treatment for bacteria and viruses using In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) which work rapidly and simply.

We provide diagnostic agents for SPECT and PET, which are used to examine the blood flow in brain and bone metastases. And we are working to achieve patient-friendly examination and less invasive treatment, and safe and reliable medical care that can be achieved only with nuclear medicine.

We are developing drug dispensing auditing support systems that utilizes Fujifilm's image processing technology. And we offer products and services to meet the needs of on-site medical treatment.

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