Specialty Chemicals Business

We contribute to a safe and comfortable living by applying our development technology with a keen eye on the future.
We have long provided a wide variety of products that support society and day-to-day living through our swift response, optimization, and quality improvements in R&D and production by developing products with high added value thanks to our unique organic synthesis, manufacturing, and analysis technologies that have been fostered by manufacturing reagents over the years. We contribute to creating a safe and comfortable society and day-to-day living by applying our remarkable technological capabilities and cutting-edge equipment and systems.

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We have been providing unique products with exceptional quality internationally for the polymeric, electronic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and battery fields that will be the engine for business growth by applying our advanced synthesis and evaluation technologies, and quality management systems, etc.

Exceptional quality is realized thanks to precise synthesis technology typified by water-free and oxygen-free conditions, purification technologies, such as distillation and impurity reduction, and analysis technology for trace metals, etc.

We provide strong support for all processes involved in planning, development, and production as a reliable partner in our customers’ production processes by applying our quality management system and knowhow accumulated over many years. In addition to Tokyo, Aichi and Harima production plants, we use the Hiratsuka and Hirono plants of FUJIFILM Wako Chemical Corporation, which is a group company, and have established an integrated development and manufacturing system from laboratory studies to commercial production. Notably, the Hirono plant has various GMP-compliant manufacturing facilities, such as for investigational drug substances, pharmaceutical intermediates, and highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs), and meets the requirements for commissioned mass production of drug substances and pharmaceutical intermediates.