What We Do

FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation has been providing highly functional and high-quality laboratory chemicals, specialty chemicals, and clinical diagnostic reagents based on advanced technological development, to address various customer needs as a general reagent manufacturer.

The Fujifilm Group has positioned two businesses as its growth drivers: the healthcare business, which addresses the three domains of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment; and the highly functional materials business, which handles materials and resources used in a range of industrial fields. FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation has been promoting business activities as the core group company handling healthcare and highly functional materials businesses of the Fujifilm Group through proactive business expansion overseas, in addition to applying the rigorous R&D, manufacturing, and sales base that has been built up in Japan over many years.

Major Business Activities

Laboratory Chemicals Business

We provide a wide variety of chemical reagents and life science reagents used for testing and research.

Specialty Chemicals Business

We provide raw materials and intermediates used for various products, such as semiconductors, daily necessities, pharmaceutical products, and cosmetics.

Clinical Diagnostic Reagents Business

We provide various reagents and testing equipment, etc. in support of medical care to enhance the prevention, early detection, and treatment of cancer and lifestyle-related diseases, etc.

Synergies within the Fujifilm Group

Healthcare Business Field

Regenerative Medicine Business

The Fujifilm Group possesses key patents relating to production of iPS cells, as well as development and manufacturing technologies of cells and know-how, among other services. In the regenerative medicine field, the Group operates a drug discovery support business and undertakes other research and development, and commissioned manufacturing in collaboration with partners in the cell therapy field. As a reagent manufacturer, we have cultivated technologies for producing a wide variety of products in small quantities. We will leverage these technologies to develop highly functional, customized culture media optimized for culturing different types of cells and accelerate the development of the regenerative medicine business by strengthening collaboration within the Fujifilm Group.

Medical Systems Business (In Vitro Diagnostics Field)

The Fujifilm Group supplies in vitro diagnostic systems including clinical chemistry analyzers that can measure chemical components in blood accurately and precisely, and immunodiagnostic systems that can detect viruses such as COVID-19 or influenza with a high degree of sensitivity. Having extended our lineup by adding other product lines including our immunoassays and biochemical analytical reagents, we can meet the needs of all medical institutions from clinics to large hospitals. In addition, we will continue expanding product sales by leveraging our sales network, which has access to almost all hospitals in Japan that conduct on-site testing, as well as the Fujifilm Group’s overseas network, built up by selling products such as diagnostic imaging devices and other medical systems, as well as medical IT systems.

Bio CDMO Business

The Fujifilm Group undertakes commissioned development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals, and our subsidiary FUJIFILM Wako Chemical Corporation develops and manufactures low-molecular-weight pharmaceuticals on commission. We will continue expanding our commissioned pharmaceutical development and manufacturing business, leveraging our technologies including those for chemical synthesis and manufacturing of culture media.

Highly Functional Materials Business Field

Electronic Materials Business

The Fujifilm Group offers a lineup of semiconductor material products such as materials for photoresists and image sensors, and CMP slurries. The products we supply include some that are highly competitive within the cutting-edge semiconductor materials field. We will apply our technologies to grow our electronic materials business further.

Fine Chemicals Business

In our reagent business, we will continue to make use of the portfolio of 200,000 chemical compounds built up by the Fujifilm Group through its businesses including the photographic film business. In addition, we will take advantage of the Fujifilm Group’s advanced chemical synthesis technologies to develop products including new highly functional reagents and next-generation versions of our highly competitive polymerization initiators.