Clinical Diagnostic Reagent Business

Our commitment to good quality production contributes to medical care that supports our lifestyles and Quality of Life (QOL).
Clinical test drugs are used for blood tests taken at hospitals and health centers. We research, develop, and manufacturer a wide range of products that support medical care for the prevention, early detection, and treatment of diseases, such as clinical test drugs, and an integrated system for test reagents and devices used to diagnose cancers and lifestyle-related diseases involving the reagents business. We contribute to developing medical care that continues to advance every day, and improve quality by supporting physicians’ diagnoses by examining samples.

  • Biochemical test drugs
  • Immunological test drugs
  • Infectious disease test drugs
  • Genetic test drugs
  • Allergy test drugs
  • Blood transfusion test drugs
  • General test drugs
  • Dialysate management test drugs
  • POCT test drugs

Many of the world’s first technologies and products created using FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation’s advanced technology, such as the most popular biochemical test reagents in Japan, the automated chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay Accuraseed® that can deliver immune test results within 10 minutes, “AFP-L3%” liver cancer tumor marker that can specifically diagnose sugar chain mutations, and “(1→3)-β-D-glucan measurement reagent” for diagnosing cryptosporidiosis, are used in many medical settings. We continue to take on the challenge of creating new world firsts through unique technological development that meets the ever-fluctuating needs of testing sites and for medical development.

We provide total support for clinical tests including operations by fully applying our varied proposal skills to meet the needs of the medical sector as well as developing and providing a wide range of clinical test drugs as a comprehensive manufacturer of clinical test drugs who handles reagents across the broad range of testing fields.

Clinical test drugs are produced at Mie and Mie Komono production plants to ensure a stable supply not only in Japan, but also all around the world. A production system of the highest quality and efficiency has been achieved in compliance with each country’s certification thanks to a fully automated production with the latest equipment in an exceptionally clean environment.