Clinical Diagnostic Reagent Business

Our commitment to good quality production contributes to medical care that supports our lifestyles and Quality of Life (QOL).
Clinical test drugs are used for blood tests taken at hospitals and health centers. We research, develop, and manufacturer a wide range of products that support medical care for the prevention, early detection, and treatment of diseases, such as clinical test drugs, and an integrated system for test reagents and devices used to diagnose cancers and lifestyle-related diseases involving the reagents business. We contribute to developing medical care that continues to advance every day, and improve quality by supporting physicians’ diagnoses by examining samples.

Products Handled

  • Biochemical test drugs
  • Immunological test drugs
  • Infectious disease test drugs
  • Genetic test drugs
  • Allergy test drugs
  • Blood transfusion test drugs
  • General test drugs
  • Dialysate management test drugs
  • POCT test drugs