Message from Leadership

[image]President and Chief Operating Officer:Akio Yamamoto

Today, we witness ever rising needs for health in countries and regions around the world. The importance of diagnostic imaging devices to enable the early detection of illness through highly accurate diagnosis and low invasive treatments will only increase in the coming years. Furthermore, with companies moving ahead with the development of AI-based diagnostic imaging support, IT and AI will prevail in various fields of healthcare in the future and become sources for creating products and services with higher added value.

With this social background, we will provide one-stop total solutions to our customers, as a core of the healthcare business of the Fujifilm Group, by reinforcing the complementary link between the diagnostic imaging business that we have experienced at the medical forefront and the wide range of medical services of Fujifilm. Moreover, we will quickly respond to needs through the shared use of our global sales network.

The Medical Systems business of the Fujifilm Group offers comprehensive solutions through the development of an extensive lineup around medical IT, including X-ray diagnostic systems, mammography, diagnostic ultrasound systems and endoscopic instruments. In the medical IT field, the group is developing AI technologies for practical application to support workflows on the medical frontlines, in addition to Fujifilm’s unique image processing technologies. These products complement our diagnostic imaging devices and this will provide a much wider range of proposals to customers in the future. Further, leading the industry in our knowledge of AI accumulated through research and development and the healthcare IT/work station business, we are excited to be able to create exceptionally innovative products and services by leveraging IT/AI platforms. Although the creation of added value in the diagnostic imaging field requires significant resources, we are certain to achieve further growth and innovation as a new member of the Fujifilm Group.

To contribute to a society where people can live healthy and happy lives wearing smiles, we will not only respond to changes, but lead the changes and generate new value in healthcare with bold concepts and challenges. We wish to continue to count on your support and guidance as we move forward.

President and Chief Operating Officer
Akio Yamamoto