What we do

FUJIFILM Healthcare offers a wide range of products, solutions, and maintenance as a one-stop service in cooperation with other Fujifilm group companies. We produce new value in a wide range of areas, from diagnosis and treatment planning, to the treatment workflow and AI maintenance, by combining the quality data created by our diagnostic imaging devices with precise image processing, analysis, and AI technologies.

Main Businesses

Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems

Ultrasound diagnostic systems are frequently used in medical practice. We commercialized the world's first system in 1960, and apply revolutionary technologies to real-world applications to support medical practice, from diagnosis through to treatment.

X-ray Diagnostic Systems

We provide a wide range of products for a variety of applications, from general radiography systems to X-ray fluoroscopic diagnostic systems and mobile X-ray systems. We also utilize our proprietary image processing engine to achieve both low radiation exposure and high image quality.

MRI and CT Systems

MRI Systems
We offer a wide lineup of systems, from an open model using our unique technology with permanent magnets to a superconductive 3-tesla system. We are working to improve work flow and make patients more comfortable in addition to making images high resolution and highly functional.

CT Systems
We offer patient-friendly CT devices with high clinical value, realizing both low exposure and high-resolution imagery needed for CT devices, in addition to a compact body that can be installed easily

Healthcare IT Systems

Health Check-up Systems
We pioneered business systems targeting facilities that provide medical health check-ups, and these systems have been adopted by many such facilities. We offer solutions that solve a wide range of challenges, with various functions designed to make work more efficient and customizable to realize usability tailored to the customer.

Electronic Medical Record Systems*1
We propose the optimal style of consultation tailored to the facilities, from small and medium-sized hospitals to outpatient clinics and dentists. We support team medicine through work efficiency and the introduction of IT within the facility, and we also support the introduction of the medical environment for regional medical cooperation.

  • *1 Provided by FUJIFILM Healthcare Systems Corporation

Digital Surgery Support Solutions
We help make surgery safer and more accurate by using IoT technology to integrate and utilize data from sources such as intraoperative MRI, surgical navigation, and biometric information.

We offer medical devices and systems to meet diverse needs spanning diagnosis to treatment, including the world's first optical topography system capable of imaging brain functions, bone densitometry systems, and X-ray blood irradiators.

We offer a variety of support services necessary with every step along the way, from the installation of medical equipment to the preparation of replacements for post installation period. By preemptively detecting signs and preventing system malfunctions before their occurrences and then allowing these features to advance over time, we help in maintaining and improving the long-time system environment while also offering IoT-based protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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