January 6, 2022

FUJIFILM Holdings announces new climate action targets

New CO2 emissions reduction targets


New target

Previous target

1) Level of CO2 emissions reduction across the entire product life cycle by FY2030

50% compared to FY2019 levels

(65% compared to FY2013 levels)

45% compared to FY2013 levels

2)Timing of achieving zero-CO2 emissions from manufacturing




-Standard environmentally conscious products: Products and services that are designed to reduce environmental impact at the standard level among their respective industries.


Ranking criteria


Products and services that reduce environmental impact more than the highest level among their respective industries by utilizing innovative technologies


Products and services that reduce environmental impact at the highest level among their respective industries


Products and services that reduce environmental impact at a higher level than their respective industries' standard

3. Adopting business-specific targets in line with the new environmental strategy

  • Based on the new target, Fujifilm has set CO2 emissions reduction target in manufacturing in all 14 businesses, as well as targets according to the position of each business in the value chain and the characteristics of the products and services.

          (1) Businesses with large CO2 emissions when procuring raw materials or using products: 
               Set CO2 emissions reduction target of the value chain
          (2) Business with the products and services that have a large CO2 reduction effect in society:
               Set social contribution target for each product, such as magnetic tape which does not require electricity when storing data, thereby significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

4. Introducing internal carbon pricing

  • Fujifilm will introduce internal carbon pricing, originally implemented as a risk assessment tool, as one of the indicators in future investment decisions. The financial impact of future carbon prices and emissions trading rates will be reflected in decisions on investment.

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