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Global branding campaign


Our journey in India and beyond.

FUJIFILM India’s Commitment Towards a TB-free Nation.

Driven by a strong commitment to promoting a healthy India, FUJIFILM India introduces its CSR initiative: a TB Screening Campaign. We’re using advanced handheld X-ray devices to bring TB detection right to the doorstep of those who need it most, supporting India’s goal to be TB-free by 2025. Our high-tech, low-dose DR technology, ensures top-quality images, changing the way we detect TB. With 34,000 symptomatic people already screened, FUJIFILM India is dedicated to making sure everyone has access to good healthcare.

Together, let’s make a difference and work towards reducing the impact of TB across the nation.

FUJIFILM India Takes a Stand Against Breast Cancer

With unwavering dedication, we lead the way in our fight against breast cancer as we spread awareness across India on the importance of early detection. Our collaborative efforts and cutting-edge technology come together to empower a healthier, and better-informed society, that is capable enough to detect, prevent and tackle breast cancer before it becomes a problem.  

Together, we can and together we will reduce the impact of breast cancer across India. 

To solve social issues

When it comes to innovating for a healthier world and a more sustainable society, we’ll NEVER STOP.

Helping Protect the environment that supports us all

- Continuing to deliver value to customers while reducing our CO2 emissions and addressing water use -

Environmental problems are growing ever more severe, including a trend towards more abnormal weather events and rising sea levels.
As a global leader, Fujifilm is embarking on initiatives to reduce our environmental impact while continuing to deliver value to customers.

[image]Supporting doctors and patients with technology

Supporting doctors and patients with technology

- Helping reduce postoperative effects on patients with advanced image recognition technology -

Our 3D medical image analysis systems can help ease the time burden on doctors in preoperative simulations. Furthermore, if doctors can reduce the extent of resection, patients could also benefit because the after-effects of surgery can be reduced.
We will never stop taking on healthcare challenges together.

Our challenges

We will continue challenging social issues by creating new value in the four sectors of Healthcare, Materials, Business Innovation, and Imaging.

[image] Healthcare


Innovating for a healthier world as a comprehensive healthcare company.

[image] Materials


In the Materials field, we are working on environmental issues such as promoting resource recycling and responding to climate change.

[image] Business Innovation

Business Innovation

Bringing innovation to your business by utilizing AI technology for multifunction printer.

* In the business innovation field, Fujifilm Business Innovation Corp. is developing business.

[image] Imaging


We give form to a wide range of memories and events through photographs, and contribute to enrich emotional lives and stronger human connections.


With each industry we enter, we’ve learned to leverage and adapt our knowledge, expertise and resources to make the world a better place. 
When it comes to innovating for a healthier world and a more sustainable society, we’ll NEVER STOP.