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Thermal Photo Printers



High-quality and compact thermal photo printer brings a great chance for enhancing a wide range of businesses.

Fujifilm’s superior image quality prints enhance a wide range of businesses

ASK-300 can be used in diversified business scenes in a combination with various equipment or software, producing superior quality prints in any system configuration. With this printer, starting a new business is possible with a small initial investment.

An array of solutions for a successful business

At photo shops and retail shops

You can start the print business right away with this compact kiosk system, just after its installation. Shop clerks and customers can easily order and print beautiful photos instantly on their own. The ID photo format is provided as a standard feature.

At amusement facilities and events

The photos taken can be incorporated with templates or texts and printed right on the spot. This compact system can provide various types of event photos at facilities like amusement parks, aquariums and cruise ships, as well as at occasions like sport games and wedding parties.

At offices and studios

Just by connecting a computer with the printer driver installed, ASK-300 can print high quality images for use in any offices and workplaces such as design offices, construction sites and portrait studios.

Fujifilm’s Superior Image Quality

High-quality mode

It enables a sharper depiction of letters, narrow lines all while realizing high-contrast and deeply refined images more naturally.

Matte finish mode

It makes luxury and cool feeling prints, by performing special processing to the ink-ribbon and paper without exchanging them. It shall be used together with High-quality mode.

Image Intelligence™

Fujifilm’s proprietary image processing technology, Image Intelligence™ automatically compensates for problematic conditions, such as poor lighting, excessive backlight, high contrast, underexposure or overexposure. It reproduces beautiful images as the eye sees them.

Image Intelligence™

FUJIFILM Quality Thermal Photo Paper

The proprietary coating technology, developed through Fujifilm’s experience in silver halide photos, realizes superior whiteness, glossiness and rich expressive gradation. 

It reproduces skin tones smoothly and scenery realistically.

Energy Saving Design

With power consumed in sleep mode, only 0.5W or less, the printer contributes to energy saving and cost reduction.

Energy Saving Design

ASK-300 can be used with the compact kiosk DPC-Portable to make the best matching system (Quick Print Station), enabling you to start a new print business instantly.