Designed for use on the water, with an airtight, waterproof structure filled with nitrogen gas. Thanks to their polycarbonate body, these binoculars are lightweight and dependable.

Designed with Long Eye Relief

Long eye relief design with a maximum length of 18mm. Long Eye Relief binoculars allow one to see right up to the edge of the field of vision even while wearing glasses.

High-Precision Built-in Compass

The 7x50WPC-XL has a high-precision built-in compass with maximum error of ±0.5°. The scale can be used to identify the object’s direction, measure distance, and determine the size of the object. The compass is global, accurately measuring direction in both northern and southern hemispheres. The compass has an internal light to view scale during the night.

7 x 50 WP-XL
7 x 50 WPC-XL