Data Archiving Software Solution 

FUJIFILM Object Archive


This software enables the interaction of the rapidly growing amount of data with tape storage systems, creating a sustainable and an air-gapped secure data archiving strategy. 

Data on Tape Creates a Scalable Storage Platform with Air-gapped Security and Lower Power Consumption 

As the amount of corporate data increases explosively, safe and low cost storage is required for BCP measures and analysis and utilization of long-term archive data.
As the use of the cloud service increases, many large-capacity, low-cost cloud storages that can automatically relocate "cold data" that is not actively used on a daily basis to a low-cost storage area are also provided. However, the download cost becomes expensive, and there has been an increase in demand for on-premises storage that takes into account the risk of cyber-attacks.
FUJIFILM Object Archive is a software that allows you to store data in a large-capacity, safe, and low-cost tape storage using the same data format and usage as many cloud and object storage.

Value Created by Providing an On-premise Bridge between Hard Disk and Tape Technology 

Advantages of Tape Storage where Technological Innovation is Remarkably Re-focused

Global IT companies and research institutes are utilizing tape storage systems, as the recent technological innovation has made it possible to reduce the €/GB and TCO to the minimum compared to HDD and SDD, the offline storage (air gap) lowers the risk of cyberattacks, and it has high potential as technologies to expand the capacity are proven.  

Lower Power Consumption 
Protect from Cyber Attacks
Prevent Cloud Lock-In

FUJIFILM Object Archive Maximizes the Benefits by Connecting Two Storage Systems

FUJIFILM Object Archive software connects disk storage and tape storage to provide an air-gapped secured and sustainable data archiving strategy.