An automated clinical chemistry analyzer with large, easy-to-operate touch panel and improved workflow for setting consumables with the Consumable Disk.  

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

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Advanced operations in a smaller body.

  1. Large, easy-to-operate touch panel with fast response time
  2. Intuitive and simple operation
  3. Improved workflow for setting consumables with the Consumable Disk.

Why has Fuji DRI-CHEM technology been chosen for the past forty years / 4 decades?

Fujifilm utilizes technology it has cultivated in the field of photography. In the subsequent 4 decades, we have worked on improving ease-of-use and downsizing the analyzer. That is why FUJI DRI-CHEM devices are used at various medical sites, such as outpatient clinics, hospital laboratories and medical laboratories. In addition, it can be used in situations where the water supply is interrupted by disasters.

Large, 7-inch, intuitive LCD touch panel

The simple and easy-to-use operation screen provides a swift transition speed of 0.5 seconds or less for stress-free operation.

Setup screen
Display of results
Help screen

3-Step easy measurement

Set the slide and the specimen, then press the Start key.
All the processes hereafter are fully automated. 

Improved design supports smooth workflow

Set consumables for multiple samples at once

The layout is simpler than our previous models, and this makes it easier to set consumables. 
Multiple tips can be set at once, which eliminates the need to set reference solution for each measurement. This reduces the frequency of consumable replacement.

More compact

A sliding front cover eliminates the need for a large space above the device to open and close the cover.


Patient-friendly testing

Each test needs only 10μL of sample. (CRP needs 5μL/test, ISE needs 50μL/3 tests). Manual pipetting can be also performed when the sample is less.  Less invasive for newborns at NICU.

  • * 50 μL are used for the simultaneous measurement of 3 electrolyte items.
High throughput

128 tests can be processed per hour.

Easy lot compensation by QC card

Corrections are made simply by reading the QC card included in the slide package into the main unit.

  • * CRP: Calibration is required.
    ISE: Calibration and correction are not necessary. QC card is not attached.
Electrolyte measurement function

Electrolytes (Na-K-Cl) can also be measured.

Wide range of usable blood collection tubes

In addition to Fuji tubes (0.5/1.5 mL), commercially available blood collection tubes can be used as specimen tubes.

  • * Please select suitable sample racks for your work flow. (refer last page: Option items/Sample Rack)
Automatic dilution function

Labor intensive operations like dispensing, mixing etc. are automated. The only operation is to input the dilution ratio.

Minimize the risk of biological hazard

Slide reagents after measurement are automatically discarded to the disposal box, minimizing the risk of contamination.

Complies with international standards (HL7)

Complies with international standards. Smoothly links with a facility’s host system.

Reliable technology ensures test quality.

The FUJI DRI-CHEM slide reagent has high reliability and stability thanks to fine chemical technology cultivated through FUJIFILM’s long history in photographic film manufacturing.
Less variation of results between operators, high result reproducibility and daily precision,and excellent correlation with wet chemistry are its remarkable features.


Two types of slides are provided for different test items.

Enzymes, General chemistry, and Immunology

This multilayered slide is composed of dry chemical ingredients needed for the reaction and other functional materials. It quantifies enzymes and chemicals using a colorimetric method.


Each slide comes with an ion selective film electrode for each of Na, K, and Cl. Slides quantify electrolytes in the sample by a potentiometric method.

Accurate and reliable test results from long-term and field-proven technology & experience


IFCC standardization method (no PALP) (U/L)


Hexokinase method (mg/dL)


Ion-selective electrode method/
dilution method (mEq/L)


Latex immunoturbidimetry (mg/dL)

Plasma Filter

Blood separation in 1 minute

Plasma Filter (PF) can cut the turn around time and the pre-treatment process of the sample. It can generate a plasma sample by aspirating and separating the whole blood inside the PF within 1 minute. Just set the PF on top of the sample tube and press START.

  • * This function is not available in the NX600i
  • * TCO2: not applicable
  1. Read PF card.
  2. Set PF on the top of sample tube. (A)
  3. Press Start.
  4. Suction unit move to be connected on PF and start aspiration of whole blood. (B)
  5. Whole blood is separated at the glass fiber layer in PF to sample plasma. (C)

Specifications FUJI DRI-CHEM NX series

  Single-specimen analyzer Multi-specimen analyzer
Width × depth × height 470(W) × 360(D) × 380(H) mm 500(W) × 380(D) × 410(H) mm
Weight 28 kg 33 kg
Number of measurement cells 13 colorimetric + 1 electrolyte (independent) 13 colorimetric + 1 electrolyte (independent)
Throughput (1) (only colorimetry) 120 tests/hour 180 tests/hour
Throughput (2) (colorimetry + electrolytes) 128 tests/hour 190 tests/hour
Throughput (3) (15-item measurements) approx. 9 minutes approx. 9 minutes
Number of specimen that can be set 1 specimen 5 specimens at the same time