Thousands of photos from across Europe capture precious and special memories for Fujifilm printlife@home exhibition

This year, more than 16,000 photos from 16 countries were collected for the Fujifilm printlife@home exhibition: each shot captures a memory and tells a story.

January 6, 2023

Fujifilm printlife@home exhibition

Ratingen, 06 January, 2023 – For the third consecutive year, from August to December 2022, Fujifilm has invited the whole of Europe to share new photographs, taken with a smartphone or digital camera, for the online exhibition Printlife@home 2022 - Print Your Photos. Share your life.

Thanks to more than 16,000 submissions from across the continent, the result is an exhibition that offers a unique and incredible picture of 2022. 
Continuing Fujifilm's 16-year history of hosting public photo exhibitions more than 1,100 photos entered into printlife@home were showcased in the biggest on site photography exhibitions of European: in September at The Photography Show in the UK and in October at the Salon de la Photo in Paris and at PHOTOPIA in Hamburg.
These on-site photography exhibitions were attended by more than 55k visitors who had the opportunity to see and experience printlife@home's extensive photo gallery of unique shots and stories from all over Europe.

Throughout the printlife@home competition, Fujifilm's jury selected the 5 Photos of the Week, choosing the most creative and unique photos and images and awarding the winners with 90 total prizes including vouchers worth €200, €150 and €100 for printing the photos.

Photos connect us to our past, remind us of people, places, feelings and stories. Through printing vouchers, people are given the opportunity to print photos that have been leeft slept on their smartphones for a long time. The results are home exhibitions or photo-books that allows people to look back at memories through the power of photo prints and enhance memories in a simple and beautiful way. 

Printlife@home celebrates not only the loveliness of printed photography but also the sharing of photographs with friends and loved ones has become a regular part of our lives. 
The photos have the power not only to preserve memories of events but also to add color to our everyday lives, to enrich our lives and occasionally to move people. Photography has the power to inspire many people and could lead to a change for the better.

Shinichiro Udono, Senior Vice President of Imaging Solutions at FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, said:

The widespread use of smartphones has made photographs an important everyday communication tool, but the physicality of the printed image brings deeper emotions to life. A printed photograph is a direct line of memory that takes us back to a special moment we experienced with people we love.
Printing photographs allows us to express ourselves and share our feelings with others in a special and different shape. That is why, with printlife@home, we continue to spread the value of photography, to preserve people's memories and connect them heart to heart by providing various ways to enjoy photography, including shooting, giftig, displaying and exhibiting.
A small part of the printlife@home 2022 winners:

The entire printlife@home exhibition is available to view online here.