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Handling of cells

Recombinant Peptide (RCP)

Fujifilm’s recombinant peptide (RCP) based on human-type I collagen produced with genetic engineering technology

RCP is produced by culturing gene-introduced yeast and has high density of cell adhesive sequence of RGD. RCP has unique features of reproducible quality, biocompatibility, high cell adhesiveness and highly flexible formulations. RCP is expected to be applied to regenerative medicine and other areas.

Highly flexible formulation
Functional Molecules Functional Polymer Bioengineering Materials Chemistry

Various formulations (sponge, film, granule, etc.) suited for various applications can be produced. These forms can function as scaffold for cell growth.

Honeycomb Film

New materials of a unique structure with hexagonally arranged micro-pores

These are thin macromolecular films with micro-pores open in honeycomb patterns. The inner walls of the pores have a spherical shape with adjacent pores being open to each other, and it is also possible to individually create penetrated, non-penetrated, pillar, and microlens-array structures.

Production process based on self-assembly (dew condensation)
Functional Molecules Functional Polymer High-precision Coating Technology Film Formation Technology Materials Chemistry

Micro water droplets self-assemble in an orderly structure as they condense and grow on the surface of a thinly spread polymer solution. Cells form when the solvents dry and the micro water droplets evaporate.

Densitometry Analyzer

Highly-sensitive virus analysis equipment developed by applying photographic silver amplification technology

Silver amplification technology used in the photographic development is applied to the ultrahigh sensitive immunochromatography method, which expands the diameter of labeled particles by a hundredfold. This enables rapid and accurate detection of microbes such as influenza virus and mycoplasma bacteria, which are difficult to detect in the early stages when they are few in number.

Ultrahigh sensitive immunochromatography method
Functional Molecules Functional Polymer High-precision Forming Technology Bioengineering Materials Chemistry

The technology enables rapid production of silver particles with a diameter of 10 μm through catalytic accumulation on gold colloid particles with a diameter of 50 nm that are used as labels. This expands the diameter of labeled particles by approximately a hundred times, thereby increasing their visibility.

Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer

Immunoanalyzer system for rapid measurement developed through a practical application of the SPF method

This immunoanalyzer system makes use of the antigen-antibody reaction in a practical application of the surface plasmon-enhanced fluorescence (SPF) method. Rapid detection was made possible by eliminating the washing function that reduced the required power of the light source and noise measurement required for measuring extremely low hormone levels inside the body.

SPF method
Functional Molecules Functional Polymer High-precision Forming Technology Bioengineering Materials Chemistry

Only fluorescent particles near the Au film emit light, thereby eliminating the need for washing and other processes, reducing equipment size and shortening the time needed to obtain measurement results.

Fully Automated Immunoanalyzer

A micro total analysis system (μ-TAS) that integrates steps for material detection and measurement into microfluidic microchips

Integration of immunoassay steps (dispensing, mixing, washing, separation, and detection) in microchannels (tens to hundreds of micrometers wide) made on microchips using microfabrication technology. This immunoassay device equipped with μ-TAS technology supports quick diagnosis at clinical sites.

Application to genetic testing
System Design High-precision Forming Technology Bioengineering Materials Chemistry

Time is saved by conducting PCR amplification and separation and detection via capillary electrophoresis on a microchip in parallel.

At home blood test service

A blood test system that enables simple, high-accuracy measurement with a minute amount of blood

Fujifilm has applied technologies and know-how developed through blood test and diagnosis system to the service, which offers highly accurate measured values for multiple test items using a minute amount of blood collected by an examinee with an exclusive kit.

Hydro Ag

Demonstrated antibacterial coating performance approximately 100 times greater*1 than conventional technology*2

Hydro Ag features a silver-based antibacterial agent dispersed in a super-hydrophilic binder. This treatment supplies silver ions from both the surface and from the inside of a coating film. As a result, the concentration of silver at the surface of the film is maintained consistently high, thereby guaranteeing excellent and persistent antibacterial performance over a long period of time.

  • *1 General antibacterial coat using a binder with low hydrophilicity, which is used for LCD protective films.
  • *2 As result of an antibacterial performance test conducted according to JISZ2801, Hydro Ag’s antibacterial properties are greater than 100 times of conventional silver-based coating film within an hour after initial exposure to E. coli bacteria.
Persistent antibacterial performance
Functional Polymer Nano Dispersion Technology High-precision Coating Technology Materials Chemistry

An antibacterial performance test conducted according to JISZ2801 has shown that bacteria was reduced by more than 99.9% within an hour of initial exposure to the bacteria. Hydro Ag demonstrates approximately 100 times the antibacterial performance*2 than a conventional silver-based antibacterial coating that uses nonhydrophilic binders.