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Technical Reports

Fujifilm Research & Development No.063(2019)


Table of contents

Director, Senior Vice President

Tokiko ENDO(*1), Takako MORITA(*1), Mikinao OIWA(*1), Namiko SUDA(*1), Yasuyuki SATO(*1), Shu ICHIHARA(*1), Misaki SHIRAIWA(*1), Kazuaki YOSHIKAWA(*1), Takao HORIBA(*1), Hirotoshi OGAWA(*1), Yukie HAYASHI(*1), Tomonari SENDAI, Naokazu KAMIYA, and Takahisa ARAI

  • (*1) Co-researcher outside FUJIFILM Corporation
  • *Authors' affiliations are those of the date of a paper's acceptance or the paper's publication date.
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  • *Names of companies, systems, and products that appear in this report are generally trademarked or under the registered trademark of each enterprise. However, in text and diagrams, trademark symbols such as ™ and ® are not specified.