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Green Procurement Operation in FUJIFILM Imaging Solutions Div.

We, FUJIFILM Imaging Solutions Div. issue specific standards applied for our equipment products.
We beg our suppliers to check the following material and to comply with them certainly.
Thank you for your cooperation.

FUJIFILM Imaging Solutions Div.
Green Procurement Standards ANNEX 2 Ver.10.2


PDF: 202KB


PDF: 218KB

Method to submit reports

Environmental reports

Information Transfer Sheet (chemSHERPA-AI, chemSHERPA-CI)

Refer to the following website:
chemSHERPA(Data entry support tool)
Please submit the data in one file for each delivered part.

Non-use Declaration of Restricted Chemical Substances (NUC-003)

This certificate format is needed when we request only.
Please send by PDF format with your signature or seal.

Writing sheet


Export Control regarding security

Send to: Our designers

Export Control classification sheet (Japanese Only)
Writing sheet

XLS: 131KB