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News Release

July 1, 2024

NURA Health Screening Center Opens in Hanoi, Vietnam

Expanding its Health Screening Service Business in South-East Asia Region

TOKYO, July 1st, 2024 – FUJIFILM Corporation today announces the opening of a new “NURA” health screening center focusing on cancer screening in Vietnam. The new center has opened today in Hanoi, Vietnam, as the first NURA center in the South-East Asia region. The newly opened NURA will be operated by VIETNAM JAPAN HEALTH TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK COMPANY (VJH) which owns T-Matsuoka Medical Center in Vietnam. A Fujifilm subsidiary FUJIFILM DKH LLP operating “NURA" in India and Mongolia, will provide support to VJH to conduct health screening with a focus on cancer and lifestyle diseases. Fujifilm will continue to expand its health screening service business in emerging countries by increasing the number of NURA centers.

The entrance of the new NURA

CT scan installed at the new NURA

In Vietnam, cancer and lifestyle diseases such as ischemic heart disease, are among the leading causes of death*1. The number of patients dying or falling critically ill as a result of these diseases can be reduced through early disease detection followed by appropriate treatment and health guidance. In Vietnam, as in Japan, it is compulsory that corporates provide regular health screening to employees. However, the health screening rate in Vietnam remains low at about 3.5%*2, which frequently makes it difficult to detect diseases in their early stages.

Fujifilm, VJH and T-Matsuoka Medical Center, which has long been contributing to improve the quality of medical care in Vietnam, will work together to create an environment that supports the delivery of high-quality screening services in Vietnam. Fujifilm will share its expertise in health screening services it has gained from operating NURA centers. In addition, Fujifilm and VJH will also engage in activities to communicate the importance of health screening to hospitals and companies in the surrounding area, enhancing a health screening culture in Vietnam.

About “NURA” health screening center

In 2021, Fujifilm opened its first NURA health screening center in Bengaluru, India and started its health screening service business in emerging countries. Since then, Fujifilm has expanded the number of NURA centers, and currently has four centers in India and one in Mongolia. NURA uses Fujifilm's medical devices including CT scan and mammography system, as well as medical IT system based on AI technology that are designed to support doctors conduct screening and tests for cancer and lifestyle diseases. The service has been well received by users, with more than 45,000 people already using the service, thanks to the convenience of being able to complete all checks and receive feedback on the results in just about 120 minutes. Another point that has been highly acclaimed is that users are able to hear the results from a doctor while viewing the actual diagnostic images.

Fujifilm will continue to provide high-quality services to an increasing number of people, thereby contributing to advancement of global health and maintenance and promotion of people's health.

  • *1 Source: “Global Health Estimates: Life expectancy and leading causes of death and disability” on WHO website.
  • *2 Source: “Report on the project for fee-based service of medical checkup system in Vietnam” on METI website.


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