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Fujifilm's views on Kodak's procedure under the section 301 petition

Fujifilm's Comments on USTR Call for WTO Dispute Settlement Panels

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The United States Trade Representative (USTR) on August 12 (U.S. time) requested the World Trade Organization (WTO) to establish dispute settlement panels to address the allegations about the Japanese photographic film and paper market.

For more than a year on various occasions, Fujifilm has asserted that this case should be judged under a third party in order for impartial fact examination which is based upon a neutral, non-political perspective. Accordingly, discussions based on WTO procedure would be in line with Fujifilm's consistent assertions. The Company has high expectations for objective discussions that are based on fact.

When the panels meet, Fujifilm will offer its fullest cooperation to the Japanese government in the interests of a clear and universally accepted conclusion that the Japanese photographic market is open and competitive.

Fujifilm believes that such a conclusion will encourage Kodak to abandon its dependence on political pressure in favor of fair competition based on a marketing effort that enables it to fulfill its competitive potential in Japan.



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