FDR nano


A mobile imaging device for high quality X-ray imaging easily handled in a variety of settings.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Quick accessibility

Four wheel caster and extremely light weight X-ray cart can bring freedom of movement.

Little downtime

High performance Li-ion battery enables quick charge of 4 hours and can be used continuously for 12 hours. Also plugged in

Ready to be used at anytime

D-EVO II is charged when placed in the DR slot and is quickly taken out with tilting function.

Quick viewing while treating

Operation panel can rotate freely according to the doctor's position.

Smart Workflow

Its compact design is suitable for taking X-ray in narrow spaces where portable X-ray is used generally.
Combining Fujifilm core technology of Casette DR with image processing and compact Digital x-ray cart can bring smart mobile workflow as below.

Pinpoint movement

Even in narrow spaces such as bedside and elevator, changing direction can be done with ease.

Easy positioning

Simply sliding or turning the whole apparatus enables easy position changes.

The shortest moving distance

The slim body allows technologists to make less moves in device operation and positioning.

Maintaining Clean Equipments

Medical equipment surface tends to have high risk for transferring germs, and it is essential to maintaining clean equipments in Operation rooms.

Easy to clean with flat surface
IPX6 waterproofing cassette DR
Easy bagging

Patient friendly

Minimum exposure is desirable when taking X-ray images of a new born or infant.

Products Name : FDR nano(Model name : DR-XD 1000)