Vibration-Controlled images with Stabilized Binoculars

TECHNO-STABI is an image stabilized binocular equipped with a powerful vibration reduction system for high magnification. It performs well in various scenes such as marine leisure, concerts, and theme parks.

[photo] Marine Leisure

Marine Leisure

[photo] Concerts


[photo] Astronomy


[photo] Outdoor Birdwatching

Outdoor Birdwatching

The world's first originally developed Electronic Gyro Stabilizing System

[image] A breakdown of the different parts that make up electronic gyro stabilizing system of the Techno-Stabi Series

Our cutting-edge system features an electronic gyro sensor that effortlessly detects vibrations, ensuring the integrated erecting prism within the gimbal structure remains unwaveringly stable. With an exceptional range of correction angles, surpassing conventional methods, explore the pinnacle of stability and precision, available exclusively with our revolutionary technology.

TS-X 1440

[photo] Techno-Stabi Series TS-X 1440 Binocular

TS-X 1440

[photo] Techno-Stabi Series TS-X 1440 Yellow Binocular

TS-X 1440 Yellow

[photo] Techno-Stabi Series TS-X 1440 Navy Binocular

TS-X 1440 Navy


Provides clear visibility even from heavily shaken vessels and cars

[photo] Techno-Stabi Series TS-X 1440 Binocular
Fixing the "Target"

The TS-X 1440 is an image stabilized binocular equipped with the strongest stabilizing system that produces a clear field of view even from heavily shaken ships and cars. The following is an explanation of its "Key features" that enable it to be used in a wide range of situations.

World's Highest vibration correction Performance of ±6°*1

The world's highest vibration correction performance of ±6° has been achieved by incorporating the world's first electronic stabilizing system. It corrects not only shake but also vibration caused by ocean waves or vibration of vehicles*2, allowing you to comfortably view objects at a distance.

Waterproof construction & Non-sinking body

Waterproof construction*3 and non-sinking design allow for safe use in sudden rain or near water.

  • *1 As binoculars equipped with an image stabilizing system using an electronic gyro sensor. According to our research.
  • *2 Able to correct vibration of up to 10m when observing an object 100m away.
  • *3 Cleared water resistance test at a depth of 1m for 5 minutes.


[photo] Techno-Stabi Series TS 12 x 28 Binocular

TS 12×28

[photo] Techno-Stabi Series TS 12 x 28 Binocular

TS 16×28

Powerful Vibration Correction × High Magnification = New Excitement

Never miss the moment when you want to see better

"Could have seen better if the magnification had been a little higher" 
"High magnification, yet vibration makes it hard to see well"
The TS Compact solves these problems by combining powerful vibration correction and ultra-high magnification through its unique technology.
The compact body makes it easy to carry, making it useful in a wide range of situations such as concerts, birdwatching, hiking, and watching sports.

Compact, but Powerful Vibration Correction

[image] Compact, but Powerful Vibration Correction

Image stabilized binoculars tend to be large in size in order to incorporate a stabilizing system, but the TS Compact, as the name suggests, is compact in size. As shown in the left figure, even the TS16×28 weighs only 550g.

[image] Vibration correction performance image

Despite its compact body, the TS Compact has a built-in strong vibration correction of ±3°. Therefore, although shake is generally a concern with high-magnification binoculars, it is surprisingly "perfectly fixed" and "clearly visible".