ARIETTA 750 DeepInsight


The high-end model that makes users feel closer to premium class perfromance such as DeepInsight technology.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.


Diagnostic Support


Treatment Support

Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS)

MPR images constructed from CT/MRI/PET-CT/US volume data can be synchronized to real-time ultrasound imaging. It is applied in a wide variety of clinical fields: such as for Abdomen, Breast, navigation in prostate puncture, and so on.

3D Sim-Navigator / E-field Simulator

Provides simulation of single or multiple needle paths during navigation to a target with Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS). The positional relationship between the marked target and needle paths can be assessed in real time using the 3D body mark and C-plane display. E-field Simulator superimposes the electric field (E-field) from the given location of electrodes on the CT image during RFA treatment. The simulation of E-field allows to consider an effective needle path.


Unique functions to support more detailed evaluation of hemodynamics are supported.

[ Linear CW / Convex CW ][ eTracking ][ Wave Intensity(WI) ]

Women’s Health

4Dshading / 4Dtranslucence

4Dshading is a mode used to express a realistic natural shading like a light is being cast. 4Dtranslucence extracts the tissue boundaries and superimposes them to enable the display of intracavity structures of the brain, digestive tract, and so on.

Dual Gate Doppler

Enables the observation of Doppler waveforms from two different locations during the same heartbeat. The rhythm of atrial and ventricular systole can be evaluated more efficiently than single Doppler methods in fetal arrhythmia cases.

AutoFHR+ / AutoFS

AutoFHR+ calculates the fetal heart rate automatically by tracking the movement of the fetal heart from a B mode image in real time. This function is available on both transabdominal and transvaginal transducers, so the fetal growth can be assessed from early gestation onwards. AutoFS tracks fetal heart movement from a B mode image and automatically calculates %Fractional Shortening (%FS). Unlike the M-mode method, AutoFS is not affected by a change in the fetal position, so heart movement can be measured accurately.