A lightweight 1.8 kg flexible film-based TFT detector providing high image quality with low X-ray dose.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

An Evolution of Form and Function

The ever lighter FDR D-EVO III is introduced with our flexible film-based TFT detector, providing high image quality with low X-ray dose. FDR D-EVO series will never stop evolving to improve the workflow in various clinical scenes. 

Higher DQE 33% (1Lp/mm-RQA5 1mR)

Higher Quality with DQE 33% (1Lp/mm-RQA5 1mR)

Film-based TFT detector with ISS method

Glass-based TFT detector with ISS method

High-level protection

Easy-to-clean flat shape

The FDR D-EVO III introduces a flat design and reduced contours, promoting easier and more efficient cleaning.

Hydro Ag antibacterial coating

The FDR D-EVO III detectors are coated with Hydro Ag antibacterial coating, which has an antibacterial effect 100 times greater than that of conventional Ag coatings. This longer-lasting higher intensity antibacterial effect prevents bacterial growth. A hyper-hydrophilic binder allows easy cleaning and hygienic use, together with the easy-to wipe flat design of the detector.

  • * Due to the characteristics of the product, the effect is not guaranteed in the future. 
JIS Z 2801/ISO 22196 complied test (Escherichia coil)

LED lamps on the front of device for better visualization

LED lamps are equipped on four sides of the front of the detector, for a visual assistance.

[ 1] Centralizing the device and distinguishing devices 

Equipped with side-center LEDs on four sides of the detector, for easier positioning of the device during imaging. There are five LED colors (blue, pink, orange, lime-yellow and purple), to distinguish different devices for different colors when using multiple devices. During sleep mode, the side-center LED light flickers gently to visually announce the battery status.

[ 2] Device status displayed in green

When the device is ready for X-ray exposure, the LED lights up in green.

[ 3] Front side identification in white

The front side of device is easily identifiable with the LED that lights in white.

Improved handling

Suitable for outdoor use with an expanded spectrum

Supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz (W52/53/56/58)*3 spectrum. Suitable for outdoor use during disasters.

  • *3 It depends on the regulation of each country which wireless band is allowed to be used.

Flexible handling

FDR D-EVO III, for its unique combination of advanced technology, can play an active role in various clinical situations, across rooms and systems. This is not only limited to X-ray rooms, but in patient rooms and dedicated rooms such as Emergency rooms and Operation rooms. 

System Configuration

Products Name : FDR D-EVO Ⅲ(Model name : DR-ID 1800)