FUJIFILM's Outstanding Technologies Extend your Potential

Broadcast Lenses

Large aperture lenses for broadcasting are symbolic of our exceptional optical technology.Fujifilm is also proud to apply its outstanding optical technology to support the development and manufacturing of 8K lenses, which are significantly more complex than 4K lenses.

CINE Lenses

We have developed zoom lenses for cinema production that reproduce incredible images by bringing together the optical technologies accumulated in the development of lenses for many applications. The exceptional images are realized from wide angle to full telephoto.


Fujifilm unites together all of the optical technologies of the cutting-edge FUJINON lenses, featuring the world’s first*3 folded two-axial rotatable lens. We expand the possibilities of spatial presentation to address varied demands, such as “I’d like to be able to project this within a limited space,” or “I want to make the most of this space by also using the ceiling and floor.”

  • *3 As of February 13, 2019, according to Fujifilm data

Surveillance Cameras and Security Lenses

We contribute to high-precision surveillance by realizing the increasing demand recently for a safer and more secure society by bringing together the optical technology we have accumulated over many years. Our cutting-edge image-processing technology has been used to develop the FUJIFILM SX800—a remote monitoring camera with an integrated high-performance FUJINON lens, offering a focal range from 20 mm to 800 mm.

Machine Vision Lenses

Manufactured products are analyzed visually using machine vision systems at manufacturing sites and further improvement in terms of automation and laborsaving on production lines is also expected in the future. With the ever-growing need for high-precision inspection and measurement devices, Fujifilm addresses diverse customer requirements with an extensive lineup of machine vision lenses that afford excellent performance, high definition and exceptional quality.


Ever since the release of the first model in 1947, FUJINON binoculars have built up a loyal following thanks to their superb optical performance. They have been popular with professional users, especially those working in tough environments—such as on heaving seas, or astronomers seeking to observe streaking comets—thanks to their exceptional optical performance, reliability, robust design, and ease of operation. FUJINON binoculars afford the viewer untold pleasure as they capture sights that would be otherwise unseen in bright and crisp focus.