A groundbreaking point-of-care immunological analyzer tuned for veterinary use. 

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

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FUJIFILM's Surface Plasmon enhanced Fluorescence technology has brought about a compact sized Fluorometry Immunodiagnostic Analyzer of high reliability and accuracy.

Ideal for in-clinic immunodiagnostic testing.

Easy To Use

Simple 2 - step procedure

Perform automatic measurements simply by inserting a tube (for samples), a tip (for sampling and injection),
and a cartridge (reagents), and press the START key!


Automated calibration for reagents using attached QR code

All calibrations and measurements are conducted automatically based on the QR code*1 attached to the bottom of the cartridge, which eliminates the need for lot calibration.

  • *1 “QR code” is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INC.

Flexibility in selecting the most appropriate sample tube (1.5 mL or 0.5 mL)

1.5 mL or 0.5 mL sample tube can be used, allowing flexibility when collecting blood samples in accordance with the measurement situation.

No need to add reagents

All reagents and materials are already prepared inside the cartridge.

Automatic Dilution Function

To save labor operations like dispensing and mixing, AU10V has an automatic dilution function (for vf-SAA and v-COR measurements only) .


Principle of the system

  • The equipment performs fluorometry using Surface Plasmon enhanced Fluorescence(SPF), a technology based on Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), within a small cartridge.
  • With the SPF technology, washing for surplus fluorescent beads is not necessary, making the measurement time shorter and the machine more compact. Also since the fluorescence is enhanced by SPR, a low power beam is sufficient enough to generate substantial fluorescence intensity for detection.

(1) Sample Injection

The sample, which is mixed with the reagent, will be dispensed into the sample flow channel of the cartridge.

(2) Binding Reaction

The analyte binds with the antibody, which will be attached to the thin gold film.

(3) Laser Beam Irradiation

A SPR is generated upon irradiation by the laser beam.

(4) Fluorescence Measurement

The fluorescent intensity, which is commensurate with the level of analyte concentration, is detected.

High Reliability

Excellent correlation with standard laboratory analyzer

AU10V provides reliable and accurate results. It has excellent correlations with its comparison methods in serum samples.