December 20, 2021

Fujifilm printlife@home exhibition: Tens of thousands of photos from members of the public showcase life in Europe in 2021

More than 35,000 photos from 21 countries complete this year's Fujifilm's printlife@home digital exhibition, an exhibition where every picture tells a story – continuing Fujifilm's 15-year history of hosting public photo exhibitions.

From August to December 2021, Europe's public has submitted photos to an exhibition open to everyone, regardless of the quality of the photographer or whether their photos are shot on smartphones or digital cameras.

Receiving more than 35,000 submissions from across the continent, the result is an exhibition that provides a unique snapshot of 2021. The exhibition shows that despite living through the second year of a global pandemic, creating new memories with family, friends, and loved ones have never been more important.

Throughout printlife@home, Fujifilm has also celebrated the most creative contributions and meaningful stories by choosing five Photos of the Week, with 90 prizes awarded overall. A selection of the best of these Photos of the Week, selected by a Fujifilm jury, is just a tiny snapshot of life shared by Europe's public.

All the above photos for media use are available to download here. The entire printlife@home exhibition is available to view online here.

Each photo uploaded has also had the opportunity for this memory to be preserved in print through the myFUJIFILM platform and other local Fujifilm print offerings. The result has also seen displays of photos created at home to look back at memories through the power of photo prints, giving comfort and happiness to many through difficult times.

Toshi Iida, President and Managing Director of FUJIFILM Europe GmbH said:

This year's Fujifilm printlife@home exhibition is a unique collection of truly memorable photos that tell the story of Europe in 2021 through the eyes of the public. So many of us have returned to old photos to remind us of what life was like before COVID-19, but what we see in this exhibition is how the power of photography continues to capture and preserve memories for years to come, with each photo telling its own unique story.
Overall, we don't just see how daily life has changed and continues to change because of the pandemic, but we are inspired by how the public have sought to return to normal, with a big focus on culture, travel, fun and family life emerging from more than 35,000 photos submitted."

After Fujifilm's global 100,000 Photos exhibition was postponed in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, printlife@home launched in Europe in 2020 to provide a way for amateur, professional and hobbyist photographers to connect with each other. In 2020, more than 10,500 photos were uploaded, giving a unique insight into the stories emerging across the continent

Fujifilm's 15-year history in mass public participation photo exhibitions has seen the 100,000 Photos exhibition tour across various locations, from Japan and Malaysia to France and the USA. Earlier this year, 500 photos entered into printlife@home were also showcased in an on-site exhibition at The Photography Show in Birmingham, UK, in September 2021.