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April 17, 2023

Fujifilm announces ‘Discover the Difference’ London launch event on 16th and 17th May

Fujifilm will use the event to outline its digital strategy; showcase its new POD business and toner digital presses, as well as preview its new digital workflow

Having announced the commercial availability of its Revoria and ApeosPro C Series toner presses in the UK earlier this month, Fujifilm is today revealing details of a major London event to celebrate the launch of these presses, and outline its digital strategy, in an event called ‘Discover the Difference’.

The launch of Fujifilm’s POD Revoria and ApeosPro C ranges in the UK marks much more than just the launch of a new range of products. It is the latest stage in the roll-out, across multiple countries, of a new European POD business to complement Fujifilm’s inkjet portfolio and boost the breadth of its digital print offering.

The launch marks the culmination of a phased roll-out over 18 months, beginning in five European countries, and then gradually expanding across the continent. With its arrival in the UK, Fujifilm’s latest POD technology, built on decades of experience and R&D, is now directly available to print businesses right across Europe.

With strong sales in Europe to date – and a large number of installations pending in the coming months – Fujifilm has been enjoying significant success with its toner presses in Europe since they were first introduced in late 2021. This complements the ongoing success Fujifilm continues to have with its market-leading Jet Press 750S High Speed Model, for both commercial and packaging applications, with strong synergies developing across Fujifilm’s whole digital press portfolio.

In what is a significant strategic move for Fujifilm, the company is now able to offer both these technologies in the UK, as well as its bespoke inkjet imprinting solutions built around its industry-leading printbars. This move

allows Fujifilm to offer the best in toner and the best in inkjet across Europe. To celebrate this, and to outline its digital strategy, Fujifilm has organised a showcase event in London on 16th and 17th May.

The event will see Fujifilm formally unveil its Revoria and ApeosPro C Series toner presses, along with preview its brand new digital workflow, XMF PressReady, announced last week. Event attendees will learn about how the integration of these toner solutions into Fujifilm’s digital print portfolio marks a significant transition in Fujifilm’s broader, digital strategy.

Tom Watanabe, Managing Director, Fujifilm UK, comments:

We’re hugely excited to enter the UK POD market for the first time, and bring the benefits of our toner technologies to UK print businesses. This allows us to provide the market with even wider and more flexible choices to support digital transformation, alongside our already successful and well established Jet Press 750S

Taro Aoki, Head of Digital Press Solutions, Fujifilm Europe, adds:

Fujifilm is now in a very strong position to offer the best in inkjet and the best in toner to benefit our UK customers, and to demonstrate the synergies of these technologies working together, along with a powerful new digital workflow. A significant occasion deserves to be marked by a significant event, and our 16th and 17th May ‘Discover the Difference’ event promises to be one to remember.
We look forward to welcoming a large number of UK printers, along with journalists and other industry analysts, to demonstrate in person just what our technologies are capable of.

The event on the 16th May is an invitation-only celebration of the launch of Fujifilm’s new toner presses in the UK, followed on the 17th May by a free-to-attend ‘Open Innovation Day’

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