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[photo] Studio / Field 4K lens

Studio / Field Lenses

FUJINON Studio / Field lenses can be utilized for large sporting events, entertainment and studio program production.

FUJINON Lens Technology

All large-diameter elements designed for broadcast lenses are the end result of our state of the art optical performance and high quality manufacturing technologies.

HT-EBC Coating

  (High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating)


(Extra-Low Dispersion)

Aspherical Lens

Aspherical lens developed by Fujifilm's own technology will suppress various aberrations such as distortion and spherical aberrations effectively.

[photo] Clear lens sitting on dark-pink and black striped surface

Aspherical Lens image

[photo] Round-shaped metal mold for aspherical lens

Metal mold for producing the aspherical lens

[photo] Light entering spherical lens versus aspherical lens

Calcium Fluorite

It equipped fluorite which has high optical performance to broadcast lens. Contribute to suppress chromatic aberrations.

Design Concept

In addition, Fujifilm has employed ergonomic design principles for all operational parts based upon input from talented camera operators. All lenses are also designed to reduce the use of hazardous materials that could pollute the environment. One example is the use of eco-glass, which does not contain toxic substances.