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Acuity F


Acuity F is ideal for businesses looking to grow their flatbed capability, take on higher volumes or turn jobs around quicker, and provides an excellent return on investment. Print on many types of rigid and flexible materials.

Key Features

Precision drop placement

The Acuity F produces exceptional image quality at print speeds of up to 155m2/hr with consistent, pin-point ink drop placement accuracy across the whole sheet. Dynamic drop placement control actively compensates for microlevel unevenness across the bed surface.

Powerful vacuum

A high initial draw down ensures that slightly irregular sheets are pulled down perfectly flat to the bed surface. Adjustable vacuum strength provides optimum handling for different sheet materials, including heavy, smooth or pre-cut sheets, or even thin flexible materials. The HFV model has a higher power vacuum for porous or heavily warped materials.

Wide application range

Print on PVC, polycarbonate, styrene, acrylic, paper, board, wood, aluminium composite, porous and heavily warped materials.

Automatic maintenance

The Acuity F takes care of the 27,000 inkjet nozzles through its Automatic Maintenance System, reducing the amount of manual cleaning required.

Smooth skin tones and vignettes

Light magenta and cyan inks are included as standard, to produce consistent, high-quality images at high production speeds. Light inks enhance smooth tonal images like skin tones, vignettes and lighter solid colours.

Extended applications with white ink

A white ink channel is available on the 7 channel model. A high opacity white ink makes it possible to print on clear and non-white materials, extending the range of applications that can be produced.