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[image] Apeos C7070 / C6570 / C5570 / C4570 / C3570 / C3070

A3 Multifunction Color Printer

Apeos C7070 / C5570 / C3570

The new "Apeos" offers advanced features with high security level and easy operability to help business diversify with times.

Safeguard important information

Information is an important asset which should be protected at all cost

[Protect from unauthorised user]

User Authentication and Permissions

Unauthorised operations and access are prevented by user identification and usage restrictions.

  • Local Authentication
  • Authentication by Remote Server
  • IC Card Authentication*1
  • User-specific feature access
  • Private Charge Print
  • Print UUID

Prevents unwanted access

  • Secondary Ethernet*1

 Add Ethernet, separate the network

[Protects Data]

Protection of communication data

Protects the communication data between the multifunction device and a PC or file server from eavesdropping or tampering.

  • Encryption of communication paths by SSL/TLS or IPsec
  • Encryption when transferring via SMBv3 and SFTP
  • Scan file encryption/signature
  • Email encryption and signature by S/MIME
  • TLS version limit
  • Elliptic curve cryptography
  • WPA3

Protection of stored documents in multifunction device

Protects the data stored in the multifunction device by encryption.

  • Encryption of stored data
  • Uses TPM*2 2.0 chip for encryption key management
  • Deletes settings and document information all at once

[Protect from unauthorised access]

Protection of management function

Protects against unauthorised access to the multifunction device's management function.

  • Service representative operation restriction
  • Account lock to prevent unauthorised access
  • Information for changing the default password
  • Warnings displayed when using global IP address

Protection of multifunction device software

Prevents the installation, execution, and operation of fraudulent software.

  • Software signature verification
  • Remote update restrictions
  • IP address filtering
  • Tampering detection at startup
  • Prevention of tampering during operation
  • Automatic restoration of multifunction device software
  • Audit log
  • Audit log system transfer

[Prevents operation errors]

Prevents settings and operation errors

Prevents information leakage due to inadvertent mistakes by administrators and users.

  • Scan documents to be delivered to fixed destination
  • Re-enter fax recipient
  • Annotations
  • Watermark
  • *1 Optional.
  • *2 Trusted Platform Module

Various options are available according to your needs

A variety of finishing features

Stapling multiple pages together

Hole punching for binders

Saddle Staple
Convenient for making catalogs and booklets

Z-fold Half Sheet
Z-folds A3 documents into A4 size

Convenient for inserting direct mail, etc.


1. Finisher-B4 + Booklet Maker Unit

2. Finisher-C4

3. Finisher-C4 with Booklet Maker

4. Finisher-C4 with Booklet Maker + Folder Unit CD3

  Finisher-B4 + Booklet Maker Unit Finisher-C4 Finisher-C4 with Booklet Maker Finisher-C4 with Booklet Maker + Folder Unit CD3
Staple capacity 50 sheets 50 sheets 50 sheets 50 sheets*1
Punch 2/3 holes*2 2/3 holes 2/3 holes 2/3 holes
Saddle Staple 15 sheets*3 - 20 sheets 20 sheets
Single fold *3 -
Tri-fold - - - *4
Z-fold Half Sheet - - - *4
Paper capacity*5 Output tray - 500 sheets 500 sheets 500 sheets
Finisher tray 2000 sheets 3000 sheets 1500 sheets 1500 sheets
  • *1 When mixed with Z fold half sheet, the number of sheets is reduced.
  • *2 Finisher-B4 requires 2/3 Hole Punch Kit.
  • *3 Booklet Maker Unit is required. Saddle Staple and Single Fold on Finisher-B4 make creases without folding.
  • *4 Folder Unit CD3 is required.
  • *5 70 to 80 gsm paper / A4 size.

Towards a sustainable society

FUJIFILM Group strive for developing a sustainable society by means of environment friendly products with less power consumption and CO2 emissions.

Reducing energy consumption

  • Less energy & noise with high resolution printing on LED printhead
  • Low temperature fusing & high quality print with Super EA-Eco toner
  • Smart Energy Save distributes power only to the features requested by users

Smaller carbon footprint

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by adoption of environmentally friendly inedible woody biomass plastic for selected parts
  • Deploy recycling system that collects and recycles used devices and consumables

Reducing wastage

  • Reduce unnecessary paper consumption by using functions like paperless fax, multi-up printing, scan workflow and authentication process to restrict wasteful printing

Inclusive society

  • Switch swiftly between multiple languages on the UI panel for a diverse workforce in your office