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instax SQUARE SQ20


Hybrid instant camera

[photo] Black "INSTAX SQUARE SQ20" with skateboard and sneakers
  • Shoot images while looking at the monitor, and re-shoot if necessary.
  • Enjoy editing photos with a variety of filters.
  • Create and print new image compositions with the built in crop tool.

Camera design


[photo] Instax SQUARE SQ20 camera in black


[photo] Instax SQUARE SQ20 camera in beige

Time is a series of moments. Now you can crop and shape your favorites.

The instax SQUARE SQ20 allows you to creatively showcase the beauty of moving subjects. Whether you're capturing that exciting moment or a thrilling adventure the instax SQ20 allows you to enjoy photography and instant prints like never before.

[photo] A woman's hair is fluttering in the wind from the frame grab feature of the INSTAX SQUARE SQ20 camera


Shoot a video up to 15 seconds long and select the frame that captures the best moment. Capturing a moving subject has never been so easy.

[photo] A man play basketball in timeshift collage from the INSTAX SQUARE SQ20 camera


Four images can be taken with a time difference at one time.

[photo] A boy on a seesaw with a “SEQUENCE” filter from the INSTAX SQUARE SQ20 camera


Showcases the motion of the subject in an image to create a sense of action.

Shooting mode

[photo] Sample photo of the double exposure feature of the Instax SQUARE SQ20 camera


Two shutters go off and the two pictures are combined into one image.

[photo] 4 split images captured in one image showing the Split feature of the Instax SQUARE SQ20 camera


Multiple images can be captured on one images. Select four segmentation options: vertically halved, horizontally divided in three, divided in quarters and divided in nine.

[photo] Sample photo of Bulb mode on the Instax SQUARE SQ20 camera


The shutter remains open while the shutter button is being pressed.

[photo] Sample photo of Collage feature on the Instax SQUARE SQ20 camera


You can create a collage style image where one image is divided up at random or you can take photos for each segment.

Adjusting / processing images (effect)

Enjoy editing and processing with a variety of filters that can be applied while shooting or viewing photos.

[photo] Sample prints with filters from the INSTAX SQUARE SQ20 camera

Other features

[photo] Front view of Instax SQUARE SQ20 in black camera and a close up of the selfie mirror and a sample photo


A mirror is included next to the lens to ensure the perfect selfie every time.


The SQ20 is the first camera in the instax series to include a digital zoom function. The digital zoom allows you to zoom up to 4x to adjust your view.


  • The internal memory holds around 50 still images. More can be saved by using a Micro SD card.
  • Reprinting allows the last 50 photos to be printed from the print history.
  • Index prints can be created with a four-frame or nine-frame layout Comes with a built-in rechargeable battery.